What a crazy time it is. I can hardly think of anything else than to write about the current corona crisis and the effects on my daily life. There are  also many good tips on the NiceDay site. For example, I read this article about how you can keep positive thoughts in time of isolation. Positivity and gratitude can be real lifesavers in quarantine on dark days.


I think it is always important – even in non-corona times – to think about what you have instead of what you don’t have. However difficult this can be sometimes. And as impossible as it may seem in these current times of social isolation. We all know that your health is most important and that we can be happy if we are healthy and safe. However, that is often easier said than done. For example, I have been practising for  my driving license awhile now. After having failed the first time, my second exam was planned for the end of March. And then came the corona crisis. Now I have to wait months before I can do exam again. A huge disappointment. It would also has been a very busy period at work, full of projects and events. All of this is canceled now. This really made me go through a phase of disbelief and sadness.

Visualization in isolation

However, social isolation has also made me realize that in our current society we are always very result-oriented. The reason why I felt so sad had a lot to do with my inability to achieve my goals. And I can’t change that at all. This makes it important to focus on the good things in life. Coincidentally, my previous article was about the power of visualization, which I often use now. Every day, before I go to bed, I try to visualize all the beautiful things that the future will bring me. How wonderful it will be if I get my driver’s license after this quarantine and can go out by car myself. How nice it will be if I can do my work normally. How special an evening out with friends will be.

The good of life

In addition, I try look also to all the good things I have every day. I have a boyfriend to sit in isolation with, I have time to cook and try new recipes. I can exercise and read whenever I feel like it and I get to work on projects which I never had time for. Through these weeks in isolation I learned to listen to my body and natural rhythm better. Something I may have to do a bit more in “normal life”.



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Hi! I'm Mara and I have a busy life where I have to keep a lot things up and running. Sometimes a bit too many things. With these blog I hope to inspire you to get started with your mental well-being! Personally, I always held back when it came to seeking help until I discovered that there are so many ways to help yourself. Small adjustments to your lifestyle and useful tips and tricks can sometimes make a world of difference in feeling that little bit better!

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