Gender diversity is an increasingly hot topic in society and you may hear it more often. It describes the differences

No time to drink water, a little exercise in the office and unhealthy treats at work can affect your health.

Alcohol is part of our life. You can find it anywhere; on television, social media, in public spaces and in

Everyone has probably been guilty of it at one point or another; using or ingesting substances for a purpose other

Less alcohol is the trend. A growing number of people are becoming aware of the damaging effects of alcohol, non-alcoholic

Once in a while everyone feels tense of stressed out. Sometimes there is a clear cause and you know what …

You have probably heard of psychedelic drugs such as LSD or truffles. Maybe you know people who have used them,

You probably know what it’s like; day after day you’re working hard and during the weekends you have all sorts

Sleeping problems; they can have an enormous impact on your mental health. It is something that I have previously discussed

Do you experience stress because of corona? Try to relax your body by tightening it. Yes, really! Many people are