Positive thoughts in a time of social isolation
Positive thoughts in a time of social isolation
positieve gedachten

Due to the coronavirus we are forced to avoid physical social contact as much as possible. You might be doing less than you’re used to and you probably see way less people during the week.Due to this social isolation, automatic negative thoughts can take over and cause more negative feelings. You can use positive affirmations to make the situation more bearable.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are short,empowering and often positive phrases that you repeat to yourself several times. With positive affirmations you can convert a negative thinking pattern into a more positive one. Negative feelings make room for positive feelings. This way you stay happier.

Which positive affirmations can you say in times of social isolation? 

  1. I’m allowed to rest
  2. I do not have to be productive to feel  worthy
  3. My feelings are real and they are allowed to be present
  4. I am doing enough
  5. I am allowed to take a break from the news cycle
  6. I deserve to share my feelings with loved ones
  7. I am allowed to be fearful
  8. I can spend extra time on myself 

It can take some time getting used to affirmations and to actually feel the effects of it. Give yourself some time and keep repeating these affirmations. Practice makes perfect. 

NiceDay actions

You could use NiceDay to plan an event to practice positive affirmations for example twice a day. How did it go? What was the effect of it? Write your experiences down in your NiceDay-diary. Good luck!

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Hi! My name is Britt, psychologist coach at NiceDay. Through online coaching I can guide and help you with what’s on your mind. Loves animals, traveling, photography and delicious food.

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