Achieve your goals with visualization (meditation)
Achieve your goals with visualization (meditation)

In my blog about meditation, I explain how important meditation is to me. Meditating has become my lifestyle and helps me to deal with all kinds of situations. As you can read in my previous article, I use meditation to calm myself and to reflect. But I also meditate when I am angry or when I am sad. Nowadays, I also use meditation to be more positive and to achieve my goals. For the latter I usually use a visualization meditation. In this blog more about achieving your goals by visualizing.

The power of visualization

Blogger Lisa explains in her article the types of meditation what visualization is: “during a meditation session with visualization, you consciously consider the images in your mind”. By writing and reflecting in my diary every week, I try to reflect on my goals for the coming period. This period can be a day, a week, a month or even a year. That depends on the type of goal. I regularly include these goals in my meditations. By visualizing that I have achieved a goal and how I would feel at that moment, I create a more positive feeling about the goal. This makes the situation in my head more and more realistic. I am also becoming more and more confident about the fact that my goal can really be achieved.

Visualization in real life

Of course you can use visualizations for professional situations as well. Need to do a presentation and you think that is scary? A confrontation with your manager that you have been afraid of for weeks? Visualize this situation and imagine yourself going through the situation effortlessly. In such a way that everyone in the office is impressed and your boss compliments you. I bet that you are more confident when the event is happening. 

Visualization is also suitable for your private life. I am always a bit worried or anxious when I have to raise difficult issues with my partner. My reflex is to imagine the worst scenario. And guess what? If I come up with all the possible negative outcomes, this conversation always ends in an argument. However, if I visualize in advance, a good conversation with mutual understanding, I step into the conversation much more positively. As a result, the conversation always ends better.

Never again all night up 

In our current society we are often awake all night overthinking everything that is bothering us. Imagine you use this time not to worry but to visualize positive things? I am convinced that we can all achieve much more. And is it not more pleasant be awake thinking about all the beautiful things, than about everything that can go wrong?



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Hi! I'm Mara and I have a busy life where I have to keep a lot things up and running. Sometimes a bit too many things. With these blog I hope to inspire you to get started with your mental well-being! Personally, I always held back when it came to seeking help until I discovered that there are so many ways to help yourself. Small adjustments to your lifestyle and useful tips and tricks can sometimes make a world of difference in feeling that little bit better!

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