In a earlier blog I told you that I have a “self-care day” to meditate and reflect. A while ago I read the book Happy Life 365 by Kelly Weekers. I use this book as a guide to evaluate my life. In her book, Kelly explains a method for evaluating different parts of your life: yourself, vitality, work & career and love & relationships. You grade  these parts and you decide what grade you would want it to have. In this blog you can read how I reflect on my life


I ask myself the questions: how happy am I? How do I feel? I give this feeling a grade by looking at my feelings from the past week. I track these feelings in the NiceDay App. Then I switch to my activities: how often have I been exercising? When did I meditate? Did I have time planned for relaxation? I make a list of things that made me feel good and things that gave me tension. What can I do to feel better about myself? What made me feel bad? What adjustments can I make to improve these negative factors in my life?


Do I feel fit? restlessness, tired or active? I give my vitality a rating. And I explore where this feeling comes from. Have I been outside enough this past week? Have I played enough? Did I sleep enough? Or did I work too much, ate healthy or did I drank too much alcohol? Of course I look again at how I can make adjustments to improve the level of vitality.

Work & career

This section is about my job and how I felt at work last week. I also give this a grade and I look at various factors: how many hours did  I work, what was the atmosphere in the workplace or did I experience stress? 

Love & relationships

For this subject I make a list of people who have influenced me positively or negatively during the past week. I also give this a grade. When evaluating relationships, I find it important to reflect on my own feelings: “Why did person X make me feel that way?” And “What is my influence on this relationship?”

Actions points 

From the evaluation of these four parts, I make a small list of a maximum of ten “action points”, which I will work on in the following week. Last week, for example, that list looked like this:

  • Prepare well for an upcoming lesson
  • Make time for reading my book
  • Exercise a minimum of three times this week
  • Maintain the pleasant atmosphere at work by planning well and blocking parts of the day in my agenda
  • Forgive person X 
  • Maintaining the happy feeling in my relationship by continuing to plan fun evenings together

So should you ever feel the need to take a good look at your life? Here you have my tips! And do you want to know more about the lifescan and inspiration to make yourself feel happier on a daily basis? Read the book “Happy Life 365” by Kelly Weekers!



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Hi! I'm Mara and I have a busy life where I have to keep a lot things up and running. Sometimes a bit too many things. With these blog I hope to inspire you to get started with your mental well-being! Personally, I always held back when it came to seeking help until I discovered that there are so many ways to help yourself. Small adjustments to your lifestyle and useful tips and tricks can sometimes make a world of difference in feeling that little bit better!

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