A month ago I wrote my first blog about about the corona lockdown. Now, four weeks later, not much has changed, unfortunately. I work at home. My boyfriend works outside the house for two days a week. “The new normal” is quite a change for us as a couple. We live together and before the lock down we had very busy lives, where we needed to plan the time to be together.

Together in lock down

My boyfriend and I used to have a conflict now and then. I was therefore afraid of many discussions or conflicts. In this article, I’ll give my five tips on how to survive the lockdown as a couple. 

#tip 1: make agreements and communicate

If you’ve read my blogs before, you know I’m love te make lists. I love planning and structure and I like to organize my day. Although my boyfriend personally has less of a need for it, we both benefit from planning.

My tip: take some time at the beginning of the day to discuss your schedule of the day. When are you going to work? Who does the shopping? When is the time to do some fun activities together? In this way, I can make my daily schedule and complete my to-do list. My friend knows what my expectations are and how he can organize his day.

#tip 2: keep dating!

In a relationship I think it is important to keep dating. Doing fun things together and not just sharing everyday life. Taking trips is of course very difficult now, but be creative! You can’t go to the cinema or eat out, but you can plan time together.

#tip 3: give each other space

It is also important to give each other space. Take time for yourself and try not to do everything together. I get a lot of my relaxation from exercising in the park, reading and meditating. My friend looks for relaxation in gaming and bike rides. Taking time for yourself makes it more fun to do things together on the other moments.

#tip 4: invest in your friendships

I think it is always important not to find all social needs within your partner. It is of course difficult to maintain your friendships as you cannot meet them currently. Again: be creative. Have virtual drinks, start clubs to exchange recipes or book tips or go for a 1.5 meter walk with a friend.

#tip 5: take a break from conflict

Of course it makes sense that you occasionally have an argument with each other. That’s okay. However, it is easy to escalate discussions if you spend a lot of time in the same room. Take some distance and take a moment to calm things down. Calm down by meditating or by taking a walk. You will notice that it is much easier to find a solution together.



Read more about relationships during corona: Psychologist Britt shared some tips in how to keep your relationship good during corona.

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