Do you want to start exercising more, but do you have little time to go to the gym? Do you have a job at which you spend a lot of time sitting? Have you had the longtime intention to start working out, but do you experience a struggle to persist or to even make a start?

Here are some tips to get yourself to start exercising more easily.

  • Plan exercising on fixed moments in your day. For example before cooking dinner or before you go to bed. Integrate it as one of your many daily habits.
  • Take a look for which distances you step into your car. Is the distance shorter than 10 kilometers? Go by bike instead!
  • Do you regularly park your car on the same spot? See if you can park your car a bit farther away. This way you force yourself to walk more and you might even save some money on the parking fee.
  • If you travel by public transport quite some time you can apply the same principle as in the previous tip. Get off one or two stops earlier out of your tram/metro/bus and walk the remaining part.
  • Ask around among your friends/acquaintances/family to find someone whom you can workout, stroll or cycle with. If you’re very fanatic you can both choose to sign up for a contest or competition and work towards this moment.
  • This one you’ve probably heard of before: do you see the opportunity to take the stairs? Exactly. Where you’re able to, take the stairs.
  • Cleaning and tidying up at home and doing small chores also counts as exercising. This way you kill two birds with one stone!
  • If simply strolling or cycling for a while is dull, you can try and combine it with doing groceries, go shopping, visiting a nice location or visiting a good friend.
  • Try to make exercising more fun for yourself by listening to some good music whilst you’re cycling or taking a stroll or by meeting up with a good friend.
  • Does your work require sitting for a great deal of the time? Try and fill up your (small) breaks with a stroll outside or just some mindless strolling around your workplace.


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