We all know that exercising is very important, especially now most of us work from home, haven’t been able to

As a online psychologists me and my colleagues can work from home as well as the office, because everything takes

The back muscles are one of the largest muscle groups that the body has. Actively training the back muscles improves

Did you also find it difficult with the message that all sports clubs are closed because of the corona virus?

Exercise is healthy, we all know that. By exercising regularly you become fitter and you have less chance of diseases,

We don’t think a lot about it, but we all do it daily and many times a day: breathing. Our

In addition to yoga, running is one of the most effective sports to physically maintain the body. Just as with

Getting enough exercise can sometimes be difficult. Certainly if you are not feeling well, it is difficult to get up

Yoga, you can do it anytime and anywhere. Easy from your own home, in one of the many beautiful yoga