This is how you recognize sugar on the label
This is how you recognize sugar on the label

Too much sugar is not good for us. Sugar can cause cavities and tooth decay and excessive use of sugar can lead to overweight. Which in turn influences how vital you feel. But do you know how to recognize sugar in food? In this blog I explain how you can recognize sugars on the label.

What is sugar?

Sugar occurs naturally in foods such as fruit, corn and sugar beet. Sugar gives the body the necessary energy, but it does not give us vitamins, minerals and fibers. This applies to all types of sugar and also for honey, syrups and syrups. Did you know that our body makes no distinction between naturally present sugar or added sugar? The body processes all sugars the same way and alls sugars deliver the same amount of calories.

Sugar on the label

Do you want to eat less sugar? Then it is useful to know which foods contain sugar. This can be tricky, because producers use different names for added sugars. You can find these names on the ingredient list on the product. You can find sugars under the names:

  • granulated sugar,
  • sugar,
  • glucose,
  • fruit sugar,
  • glucose fructose syrup,
  • isoglucose,
  • milk sugar (lactose),
  • fruit sugar (fructose),
  • sucrose,
  • maltose,
  • dextrose.

 Sometimes sugar is not immediately recognizable as sugar, for example if the producer uses other sugar sources, such as

  • honey,
  • apple juice,
  • maple syrup (maple syrup),
  • agave syrup,
  • fruit juice or fruit concentrate.

 This is just a small selection. The Diabetes Fund has a long list of other names for sugar.

What to do?

Before you place a product in your shopping basket, scan the ingredient list. Do you see sugar or other names for sugars in the ingredient list? Then you know that sugars (or a form of sugar) have been added to the product. Perhaps another variant of the product is better.

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