No time to drink water, a little exercise in the office and unhealthy treats at work can affect your health.

Once in a while everyone feels tense of stressed out. Sometimes there is a clear cause and you know what …

Would you like to eat less, slower or enjoy your food more? Eating mindfully can help you slowing down time …

Soft drinks are full of sugars. A glass of soft drink (250 ml) contains approximately 6.5 sugar cubes per glass.

Can you not get rid of your migraine, stuffiness, heart palpitations, itching, insomnia or a cold? Would you be surprised

Too much sugar is not good for us. Sugar can cause cavities and tooth decay and excessive use of sugar

Did you know that eating and drinking can help support your mental health? A lot of research has been done

During the rainy days of autumn you probably can use some comfort food. It is easy to order a pizza