Soft drinks are full of sugars. A glass of soft drink (250 ml) contains approximately 6.5 sugar cubes per glass. And a can of cola (330 ml) contains 9 sugar cubes. Furthermore, soft drinks often contain little or no vitamins and minerals. Which other effects do soft drinks have on your health? 

Soft drinks and health

Did you know that drinking a can of soda every day increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by more than 20%? This is because soft drinks contain a lot of energy from sugars. Furthermore, you do not get a saturated feeling after drinking a soda. As a result, the energy that a soft drink gives is not compensated by eating less during meals. Soft drinks can therefore cause you to consume too much energy, which leads to gaining weight.

Children who often drink sugary soft drinks and fruit juices also have a greater chance of becoming overweight later in life. But it also works the other way around. Research shows that replacing sugary drinks with drinks without calories can lead to weight loss.

Is light soda healthier than soda with sugar?

Is it better to choose light soft drink than soft drink with sugar? Both are actually unhealthy choices. If you want to lose weight or maintain your weight, you can choose light soft drinks. This is because light soft drinks contain no or less sugar than regular soft drinks. But in the end both light soft drinks and regular soft drinks are not the best options. According to the Voedingscentrum better options are: water, tea or coffee without sugar. There are no calories in these drinks. And it’s also better for your teeth. The acid in (light) soft drinks is bad for your teeth.

Sweeteners and safety

Some people say that light soft drinks are unsafe, because they contain sweeteners. However, sweeteners have been extensively tested and meet all safety requirements of the European Food Safety Authority. No negative effects were found on people, not even with long-term use in large quantities. Sweeteners in light soft drinks are therefore safe.

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