Tips for healthy habits at work
Tips for healthy habits at work
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No time to drink water, a little exercise in the office and unhealthy treats at work can affect your health. We share tips for healthier habits at work.

Healthy habits lead to a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is important for your sleep, your mood and it influences your physical and mental health. Many healthy habits together create a healthy life. You spend a large part of your day at your workplace, which is why it is important to have healthy habits at work too. Below 10 practical tips for habits at your work that will keep you fit.

1: Drink enough water

Start your workday with a 1.5 liter bottle of water on your desk. Try to finish the bottle every day. 

2: Keep moving 

Put a message “get up and move” in your calendar for every 30 or every 60 minutes. Does the message appear? Get a drink, get up or walk around the office.

3: Call standing or walking

Put your earplugs in, walk out of the office and make a phone call for your work. It has several advantages: you are physically active, you get fresh air and you are doing something useful.

4: Meetings can also be held while standing

Do you have a meeting? Have it standing or exchange the meeting room for the outdoors. Good for the leg muscles!

5: Park your car further away or get off the bus one stop earlier

Do not park the car directly in front of the office, but for example one street away. This way you take some extra steps in a day. And if you come by public transport, you can get off the bus, tram or metro earlier. You can walk the rest of the route, in a healthy way, on foot.

6: Walk during lunch

Link a walk with the lunch break. Get a breath of fresh air on your own or with colleagues. After the walk you will go back to work more focused.

7: Do not eat while working or behind your computer

Give yourself time for a healthy lunch. Otherwise, you are more likely to eat quickly between tasks or behind your computer. When doing so, you do not really eat consciously and you are less likely to feel full.

8: You can skip treats

Sometimes there is something to celebrate every week. It’s okay to turn down the unhealthy treat once. Celebrate with a cup of coffee and take a piece of fruit, for example.

9: Candy jars gone, fruit basket on the desk

Put a fruit basket on your desk. Are you hungry? If fruit is in sight, you are more likely to grab a piece of fruit. Therefore, eliminate the candy jars from your desk.

10: Take the stairs 

Make a habit of avoiding the elevator and grabbing the stairs. That way you get extra steps in one day and you grow tight legs.

Take it step by step

Give your health a small upgrade by teaching yourself new healthy habits. Also at work! Take small steps. If you do the new activity daily, it will become a routine. Then you no longer need willpower and it becomes easier. Just like brushing your teeth. That has also become a habit because you do it every day.

Now it’s your turn!

Do you know another healthy habit for work? Which habit do you want to work on first? Share it in the NiceDay app or let us know in the comments!

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