Online help via NiceDay is woven into your life
Online help via NiceDay is woven into your life
NiceDay blog: Online help via NiceDay

Margriet * is 31 years old, remedial educationalist and has her own company. In many aspects of her life, things are going well, but an old ailment is recurring more often. Since she was 18, Margriet has suffered from severe fear of commitment and although it has diminished somewhat over the years, it has remained present. These fears arose from perfectionism; everything had to go well and feel good. This was mainly expressed in her love life; if someone didn’t text back, she could be very worried about it. When another date didn’t end well and again caused her a lot of stress, she knew it was time to talk to someone. She couldn’t keep going on like this and reached out for online help via NiceDay.

A push in the right direction

“A friend advised me to take a look at NiceDay; she herself had attended a number of sessions there. “Just a little push in the right direction!”. I had heard of it before and visited psychologists before, so it was not very hesitant to take the step towards help. As my doctor said: “If you want to work on your body and you see a doctor, nobody thinks that’s crazy. But if you want to work on your mind and you see a psychologist, people think it’s strange”. I knew I wanted to work on myself and no longer wanted to live in fear, so I took the step to download the NiceDay app.”

Online treatment

“I really liked the fact that the sessions were online. It was very accessible and a reassuring feeling to have someone who reads along with you. I was very busy with my own business at the time, but didn’t have to leave my house for the sessions. That worked out very well!

Online help via NiceDay was very accessible and I did not spend any time traveling for my sessions. I also really liked that I could keep track of things in the app. My practitioner could go through all of my registrations before our session, so we could get started quickly. I made sure to update the app at least once a week. I then described how I experienced the things we discussed earlier, or registered my “aha” moments. Sometimes when I just had to get something off my chest, and I could immediately write it down. Writing down your thoughts can already help you process things, but you also know that someone is going to read it. This was very reassuring and is a lot different from writing it down in a diary at home.”

Contact between sessions

“When I wrote off my concerns via the chat functionality in the app, I would receive a message from my therapist Sarah within a few days. She often asked me some questions about what I had just written down, or brought me back to something I had learned earlier in our sessions. What do I really want, instead of what some guy does or doesn’t do? Because of this contact between our sessions, I could usually reflect on an event as it occurs to me every day within 1 or 2 days. You get instant feedback on something you are experiencing, and I think that is very valuable!”

Would you recommend NiceDay?

“Yes for sure! I have already done that actually. Help via NiceDay goes with you wherever you go, in your own mobile phone, as it were. It isn’t in a clinical room, where you work on your problems and when you finish the session you no longer think about the things you have discussed. Because you keep track of things and have contact with your practitioner in between your sessions, online help via NiceDay is woven into your daily life.

Margriet received online help through the NiceDay app. Would you like to know more about NiceDay or about how you can start treatment? Click here for more information about online help via NiceDay.

*Margriet’s real name is known to the editors.

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