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You can use the NiceDay app without a treatment. These are some of the benefits.

Get insight in your own thoughts and behaviour

Track your own thoughts, feelings and activities in the NiceDay app, or try to change your negative thoughts into positive by using a G-schedule. We call this registration.

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Step counter

Exercising is healthy. By regularly exercising you become more fit and have a lower chance of cardiovascular diseases. Research has also shown that exercising has a positive effect on your brains.

In the NiceDay app you can easily track your steps and set a goal for yourself.

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Thought Record

The Thought Record is an exercise that you can use to find out which (conscious or automatic) thoughts can cause certain events to evoke certain feelings. E.g., when the thought of having a panic attack in public can cause public area’s to make you feel anxious.

Regularly receive tips to make you feel better

The app regularly gives you a reminder or tip that will hopefully make your day just a little bit better!

For example: “Send a thank you message to someone you love” or “friendship is love without wings”

Feel like you're stuck?

Where and when it suits you

Sessions with your professional take place through (video) calling and chat. So you can stay in your own comfortable home.

Contact in between sessions

You receive help when you need it, that means also outside of your planned sessions.

Reliable and safe app

All data shared in NiceDay app is only visible for you and your professional.

Insight and feedback on your progress

Share your mood, feelings or achievements real time with your professional, whenever you want.

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