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An online treatment via NiceDay; what does that actually look like? Can you build a good relationship with your therapist? What is so nice about the app and how does contact in between sessions really work? Rosa (22) sought help for an accumulation of problems in her life. How did Rosa experience online help? Read her experience story here.

No long waiting list

“I was talking to a friend and told her that I was looking for help, but didn’t want to wait such a long time. There had been an accumulation of problems in recent years, but especially the abuse by my ex-boyfriend came to the surface again. My friend told me that her sister had sought help through NiceDay and that you could get started right away. ”


“When I heard about the online treatment, I had some doubts. What will that be like? Is it just as personal as a face to face session? But, I put my doubts aside and after two minutes I had installed the app on my phone and sent a message to the NiceDay Team. I received an immediate response and we scheduled an intake interview for less than a week later. I really liked that. The process went very quickly and I did not have to wait long for a response. ”

It saves so much time if I can register my experiences and feelings in the app during the week, and my practitioner has already read them when we have another session.

Relationship practitioner

“After my intake interview, I was quickly linked to NiceDay professional Sarah. As I mentioned I had some doubts about the online treatment, but those were immediately taken away during our first session. I felt good and comfortable. The afternoons after our conversations I often noticed that I was much more productive and active! I immediately felt more like doing things. Sarah often sent me helpful articles that I could read to become more active. This also kept me working on my recovery between our sessions. ”

Previous treatment vs NiceDay

“I think it is a great advantage of a treatment through NiceDay that I don’t have to repeat my story over and over again. I have previously been in treatment where I had less contact in between sessions. Of course you can send your practitioner an email when things aren’t going well, but you can’t do this every day. I also had to repeat everything during the session. It saves so much time if I can register my experiences and feelings in the app during the week, and my practitioner has already read them when we have another session.” 


“Thanks to this treatment, I have gained more insight into how I am doing and what I can do about it. It has helped me to communicate better with my current partner. Plus, I have received enough tools to be able to continue working on this in the future! ”

“I would therefore definitely recommend a treatment through NiceDay. The biggest reasons for this are being able to start treatment quickly and the contact in between sessions. During your journey, there is one person for you who you can always chat with when things really go wrong. This makes this treatment, despite being online, a lot more personal.”

Rosa received online help through the NiceDay app. Would you like to know more about NiceDay or about how you can start treatment? You can find more information about this here or directly download the NiceDay app.


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