August theme: Processing life changing events
August theme: Processing life changing events

Every month the NiceDay blog focuses on a certain theme. In August this was the theme “Processing life changing events”.

During our lives there will always be events, large or small, that we have to deal with. Usually, we can easily process these events on our own; it may take some time, but we are capable of doing it. Other events can be so traumatic that we need a little help. Would you like to read more about this subject? We have listed all recently published blogs for you:

Losing a job evokes different emotions; disappointment, frustration, sadness and anger. In her blog, NiceDay psychologist Maaike talks about her experience with losing her job. She explains how she dealt with it and provides you tips for coping with job loss.

In her monthly blog, experience expert Ghyta discusses her fear of life choices. Why is she so anxious and what does this do to her? How do you process this fear?

Feeling down or sad doesn’t always have to do with one specific event. There are many different factors that can affect how you feel. NiceDay psychologist Sarah discusses processing in a holistic way.

Emotions play a major role in our lives and processing emotions is an important process. When this goes wrong, we can suffer from it in the long run. But how does emotional processing work?

You have about 40,000 thoughts every day. Most of your thoughts are unconscious and it is difficult to process all these thoughts. One of the ways to slow down this flow of thought, is to write. But why is writing good for you?

Are you a perfectionist, but does it bother you because it gets in the way of your daily life? Then check out this article, it might be able to help you!

Mark was very depressed, and after his fear of falling short was confirmed by his wife, he lost all confidence and faith in himself. He shares his experience with help through NiceDay and explains how he processed his feelings.

Change, we often aren’t too fond of it. However, sooner or later we all go through big changes in our lives. How do you deal with this and how do you process these changes? Martijn explains it in his blog.

Sometimes finding your own way in life and your career just goes without saying. Sometimes, the next step needs a little more attention, for example when you unexpectedly lose your job. Ard takes you through the processing of such an event and the process of finding your own way.

When you experience one or more shocking events and / or if you have witnessed such a shocking event, trauma can arise. If a trauma is not processed, it can cause problems in dealing with yourself and others. But how do you deal with a trauma?

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