Mark: “After the first conversation I already felt better”
Mark: “After the first conversation I already felt better”
NiceDay blog: After the first conversation I already felt better

After nearly 9 years of marriage with his wife, he fell into a relational slump. He felt that he was failing their relationship and this was confirmed by his partner. He felt crushed. Mark* (40 years old) had lost his self-confidence. He became his own worst enemy, becoming extremely insecure and continued to spiral downwards. He eventually decided to seek help from NiceDay. We interviewed him about his experience with NiceDay.

Reliable and trustworthy

“I realized that I couldn’t solve this myself; I was depressed, I stopped eating, I didn’t go to work and I had no control over my thoughts. I started googling my problems and ended up on the NiceDay website. It immediately felt reliable and trustworthy. Partly thanks to the testimonials on the website, the different options of the treatment (chatting / calling / video calling) and all the information available, I felt confident enough to take the step to contact the NiceDay Team. ”

“They helped me quickly. The little bit of doubt remaining disappeared during the intake interview. They listened to me carefully: they asked what I was looking for and what I needed help with. They really take their time to find the right professional for you, and don’t just place you with the most available practitioner. Thanks to this they had made a good match; I had a very good ‘click’ with my therapist Sarah. ”

Online treatment

“Of course you have some initial doubts about online treatment, we all know Catfish (the well-known MTV show in which people pretend to be someone else online). But these doubts were quickly dispelled by the information on the website and the pleasant intake interview. Contact with NiceDay also felt very accessible. Taking the step to seek help outdoors still felt a bit big, I was still very confused and there was also a bit of shame involved. Using NiceDay I could simply take the first step to help from my own home. ”

“When something happened after/outside of our appointments, I could quickly open the app and send a chat message.”

Making contact from my own home was also a pleasant experience. I could calmly join the sessions from my own familiar environment, at the times that suited me. I have had psychological help for a burnout in the past. I had to travel half an hour there and a half hour back, then wait in the waiting room. Therefore, two hours was lost for just an hour of treatment. I also really enjoyed being able to contact my practitioner in between sessions. When something happened after/outside of our appointments, I could quickly open the app and send a chat message. My therapist Sarah did not work 24/7, but always responded! I’m not saying that the other form of help isn’t good, but I really liked this concept. ”

Relationship with my professional

“After the first conversation with Sarah, my professional, I already felt better. Sarah is an extremely nice person. She is professional, understanding and friendly. She listens carefully to what you say, absorbs everything, thinks carefully and then comes up with personal advice, which helped me alot. She had a good sense of what was going on and was brave enough to disagree with me; that was something I really needed. It was like talking to a good friend and her tips & tricks really got me through it. I have learned that I am responsible for my own happiness and that it shouldn’t depend on others. Other people may certainly share and contribute to my happiness, but the basis lies within yourself. Sarah opened my eyes!”

Insight into your own thoughts

“In addition to the pleasant contact with Sarah, the NiceDay app and website helped me a lot. If I woke up with a knot in my stomach or with heavy thoughts, I could write it down in the app right away. Thanks to the chat function, I could always contact my professional, and using the notes Sarah had made, I could fall back on the tips & tricks that we had discussed in our previous conversations. I also used the ‘’Thought Record’’  a lot. When I felt bad, the questions that were asked allowed me to gradually put my thoughts into perspective. Completing this exercise showed me that it is not always all doom and gloom. ”

“I would highly recommend the NiceDay app to anyone who could use help. It is accessible, safe and it helped me! Even now I still regularly read the articles on and I am very happy that I am back on the right track. ”


Mark received online help through the NiceDay app. Would you like to know more about online help via NiceDay? Click here for more information.

*Mark’s real name is known to the editors

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