Since 2015 I have been struggling with panic attacks. In that year, the company I worked for was taken over by a new owner. By nature I am a hard worker. However, my new boss raised the bar even higher and an even greater overtime culture was created. Everyone in the company participated. Me too! Because if you didn’t, you would get nasty comments about it.

 I regularly worked on in my free time. At that time my dizziness complaints started and later on panic attacks started to occur. They mainly happened on highway, but sometimes also in the supermarket. They were terrible! The feeling that I would faint and afterwards I that heavy tiredness as if I had practiced top sport. 

 I started to doubt my own abilities

 The obvious solution was to change jobs. However, I enjoyed my work and colleagues and I was scared to change jobs. I was mentally not at my strongest and in the meantime I was starting to doubt my abilities.

 At one point it was so bad that I was already nauseous and dizzy in the morning, afraid of what awaited me that day. I knew it was time to change jobs. This was no longer possible. Pretty soon I had found another nice job with nice colleagues. By changing jobs I had the expectation that the panic attacks would decrease or perhaps disappear. Unfortunately this was not true.

My way to NiceDay

 I was sick of it and needed tools to get the panic attacks under control. I started looking for the possibilities for online help. I read an experience story about a young woman who was often dizzy and with help of NiceDay her complaints were gone. I wanted this too!

 Work in progress 

 Soon I had my intake. This felt good! Apart from the fact that I felt there was a click, things went better after every session. My coach also guided me through the entire process. I received relaxation exercises, relaxing music, breathing exercises and more information. I also received exposure assignments. So I actively started looking for situations where I would get panic attacks. We evaluated the assignments via the app, chat and by telephone.

 We discussed my perfectionism and the fact that I have to indicate my boundaries more strongly at work. On this topic I also received interesting articles and tips which I started to apply in my daily life.

 More peace 

 I have become more alert to my mental and physical health. I get a bit more rest, don’t set the bar so high and I set my boundaries better. I also started exercising and meditating regularly. The panic attacks have been considerably reduced. It now even happens that they no longer continue. I’m really happy with it!

 NiceDay is for everyone 

 I can recommend NiceDay to anyone. Despite the fact that it is digital, it is still very personal. It is nice that you have an “appointment” with your psychologist every week. There are no weeks between sessions if you don’t want to, so you actively work on your recovery.

 I am very grateful to my coach Sarah, without her I would never have achieved what I have achieved now!

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