Sifra (25) had graduated from university and was just starting her new job. Her job was fun, her new colleagues were nice and she did her job well. Still, Sifra noticed that she wasn’t feeling well. By her employer, she was given the opportunity to do a PMO study, which included both physical and mental tests. It turned out that she suffered from anxiety and nervousness, something that was very recognizable to her. She was advised by her coach to look in to help from NiceDay, for a treatment in the safety of your own home. She did, and here you can read her experience story.

Constant nerves

“I have always been sensitive to gloomy feelings and insecurity. From the age of 15 I regularly have the feeling that I do not belong, or I experience feelings of sadness. During my studies I wasn’t as prominent, but this changed when I started working. I felt so much tension in my body and was constantly bothered by nervous feelings. My neck and shoulders started to hurt, but I didn’t know where this was coming from. Despite having a great time at work, I felt restless. I dreaded everything, even my korfball matches; a sport that I love to do for 15 years! ”

Accessible help

“I knew it would be good to talk to someone, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. I have sought help before in the past, but I hadn’t had a good experience with this. The step to go back to the doctor, put my heart on the table and admit that you need help, felt too big. I thought it was stupid and thought that my complaints were not severe enough. Until, after my PMO investigation, I was referred to NiceDay. On the website I saw that there is an opportunity for online help, which felt a lot more accessible. So I signed up. ”

Safe environment

“The help through NiceDay gave me the opportunity to talk to someone from my own safe environment, and I didn’t have to tell my story to a doctor. It felt safer, more comfortable and less nervewrecking. I quickly came into contact with the NiceDay Team and was linked to psychologist Sarah. ”

Sessions over the phone

“I chose to do all sessions over the phone, because it felt the most comfortable to me. It is very nice that you can choose how you conduct the sessions; be it video calling, calling or chatting. When someone looks at me when I tell my story, I get nervous and blurt things out. I get the feeling that they are waiting for an answer and don’t really think about the things I say. I liked having a conversation over the phone a lot better. The online treatment felt safe; I didn’t have to go anywhere and could stay at home. ”

NiceDay Community

“I had a good relationship with Sarah. She often sent me relevant blog articles from the NiceDay Community, which I really liked. She then advised me to read the article, see what I think about it and check whether it is recognizable to me. Sometimes the article was terribly recognizable, other times it was less. But I got a lot of new insights from reading all of them. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with me, but reading articles in which I recognized myself, helped me identify my issues and cleared up where they came from. ”


“I’m doing a lot better. I have fewer physical complaints because I now know how to relax my body. In addition, the conversations with Sarah, the useful tips and articles have given me the tools to better deal with my anxiety. Sometimes I still have some nerves before I go to korfball, but Sarah has taught me that despite the nerves I just have to go! That is the way to fight my fears. I used to go to korfball class, but I did it for my team. Now I do it for myself. ”


“The NiceDay treatment really helped me a lot and I would definitely recommend it! I think a lot of people walk around with psychological complaints, without doing anything about it. Treatment via NiceDay is accessible, easy to use, flexible and for everyone. ”

Sifra received online help through the NiceDay app. Would you like to know more about online help via NiceDay? Click here for more information.

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