There is always a place for a new beginning
There is always a place for a new beginning
NiceDay blog: There is always a place for a new beginning

Each day is filled with new chances and opportunities. There is always a place for a new beginning! But how do you cease those opportunities, how do you get more out of your life? Below are six tips that might be able to help you: 

1. Look at your story from a different perspective

You decide how you tell your own story. The way you do this can make you come across as powerful, but can also undermine you. For example, sometimes you say that you don’t know what you want in life. This isn’t a story with positive energy and it can make you feel insecure. What you could say, is that you have a very broad spectrum of interests, or that you’re currently figuring out what suits you best. This story has a more positive energy, and gives you more confidence and strength. You can decide how you tell your own story. If you manage to tell an inspirational story about your life, you get the chance and insight to change it. 

2. Invest in the things you find important, and search for an environment that suits you

Sometimes we spend to much time on the things we don’t want, the things we’re against or on trying to change other people. This takes up a lot of our energy and makes us focus on the negative. It can be liberating to invest in the things that work for you, in what you want in life and to look for connection with the people with whom you feel comfortable. By doing this, you focus on the positive in your life. You will be able to look ahead. 

3. Go with the flow

When you think about how hard it is to swim against the stream, it will surprise you how many people do this every day! For example, think about how sometimes you can continue to resist against the things that aren’t going to change or on which you have no control: the boss that doesn’t appreciate you, the bad weather or an unexpected election result. Why don’t you try to go with it and to enjoy the things that come across your path. Go with the flow! To help you with this, you can ask yourself the following questions: “What is possible? What can I do?”.

4. Make a plan

Setting goals is pointless when you don’t take action to actually achieve your goal! You gain results by actually doing it. Not once, but again and again, with trial and error. Developing habits form the base of your personal growth and development. Think about the behaviour that will eventually help you achieve your goal. For example, do you want to become more athletic? Think about the things you want to do in order for you to achieve this goal and plan your activities on a fixed time in your agenda. Make sure these activities are feasible for you: don’t set the bar too high and take your time. Use the power of repetition. When you hold on these fixed times for working out, it’ll slowly become a permanent part of your life

5. Freedom? Keep improving your discipline

Having nothing to do can be wonderful, but quite often it causes you to become less productive. It might be fun for a while, but it soon becomes boring. Keep on working on your structure, even in times when you have a lot of freedom. By planning activities at fixed times, you maintain the necessary structure and motivation to be able to do new things.

6. Go your own way

Sometimes it’s very comfortable to let other people decide for you, or to follow the group. But when everyone tries to follow the same road, you might be on the wrong track. Find your own way, the one that works for you. Keep searching for different perspectives and new ways, and you will continue to develop yourself.

What helps you to, when necessary, start over? 

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Tools of Titans: The tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers’ (2016), by Tim Ferris
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Ard Van Oosten

I am a psychiatrist trained in business management and researcher. My heart goes out to talent development. I connect knowledge of the brain with leadership and offer tools for personal growth and development.

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