Social events within the Covid-19 guidelines
Social events within the Covid-19 guidelines
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The corona measures affect everyone. You notice it at work, at home, while shopping or when you go somewhere. It has a major impact on our social lives, because you have to limit contact as much as possible (social distancing). As a result, birthdays and trips with your family or friends look different, l now that restaurants and bars are temporarily closed. At home you can invite a maximum of 2 people, provided you can keep enough distance. And all of this while social contact is very important. Fortunately, a little creativity can go a long way. So, how can you still have social events within the Covid-19 guidelines? Read on below!

Why is social contact important?

Social contact is important for your well-being. You can talk about what is going on in your life and receive support from your friends, but you can also laugh and act crazy with each other. Therefore, do make sure that you also have sufficient social contact with your loved ones in times of Covid, to prevent loneliness and social isolation. Below we’re giving you some tips and ideas on how you could organize your social activities within the current Covid guidelines:

  • Online social contact, think of games, such as an online escape room, a quiz or cards against humanity. You will find much more online inspiration in this blog.
  • Set up a vlogging competition with your friends and show it to each other online, with the theme for example showing your day or week, making a tutorial or something else fun!
  • A fixed video call date to catch up with your group of friends if they are too large to get together, for example while cooking, having dinner or to watch your favorite series or movie at the same time.
  • Invite a maximum of 2 friends at home (remotely) for a dinner, game night, movie night or a drink.
  • “Eat out” at home by having a restaurant deliver a meal. Enjoy it alone, with your partner or with 2 friends. You also support the local catering industry!
  • Do a real escape room with a maximum of 4 people. These are often still open! Make an appointment on location so that you don’t have to walk the street together in a group.
  • Go outside and work out together with a maximum of 2 people, for example running, cycling, boot camp or inline skating.
  • Visit a neighbor who you know lives alone and may be lonely, with five feet away of course.
  • Going outside remains important. For example, go to the park in pairs, go hiking, fishing, camping, sit on a bench and you name it.

Are you self-isolating at home? Take a look at this article, with ideas on what you can do whilst self-isolated.


Regularly reflect on your social events in your NiceDay diary. Do you feel like you have enough social contact? Or are you feeling lonely? Try and think about what you need and plan some events that fit your needs.

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