Corona Virus has turned life upside down. You are probably staying inside as much as possible and searching for a new daily routine. It is important that we continue to take good care of ourselves during these times, as social isolation can have unpleasant consequences for our mental well-being. We can start to feel stressed, bored, gloomy or angry. In addition, you may also notice that you have trouble sleeping or are experiencing fatigue. Everyone will react differently, and therefore these symptoms may not apply to everyone. You may find yourself feeling a little worse, but remember it is a normal response to such a situation. Remember: social isolation is important. You are saving lives! 

Anyway, you probably have a lot of free time now. What can you do with all that free time? Here are some tips!

  1. Do you miss social contact? Call your family or friends. For example, you can plan a video call with your loved ones over dinner. You can use Google Hangouts, Zoom or Skype.
  2. There are many fun online games that you can play together. For example:
  3. Computer: Skribbl, Board Games, Catan, Werewolves, Snake (individual), Cards Against Humanity, Boardgame Arena.
  4. Mobile: Draw Something, Houseparty,  Ludo, Catan.
  1. Do a workout in your living room at a set time (for example, in the morning before showering or in the evening after work). There are many digital workouts for free online. Even if it is just getting active to loosen the muscles!
  2. Take time to complete chores that you have been putting off, such as: tidying up cupboards, tidying up the yard, cleaning your house, cleaning windows, or picking out clothes.
  3. Do you have children at home during the corona crisis? Plan some activities for the children and give them some structure. There is also a lot of teaching material online.
  4. Do you want to develop yourself further? Many free online courses or webinars are currently being offered.
  5. Volunteer for the Red Cross, Niet alleen, Coromapost, De Luisterlijn, Corona Quarantaine Contact.
  6. Try to follow a ’news diet’, by reducing the amount of news you read and watch. There is a lot of fake news so if you like to read news try to focus on reliable sources.
  7. Schedule some time to go for a walk. 
  8. Do yoga exercises! It can improve your posture. Which comes in handy, if you spend a lot of time at home or have to work at home and don’t have a good office chair.
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Sarah Goslinga

My name is Sarah Goslinga, psychologist and coach at NiceDay. It's important to me that you have a real connection with your coach and that you feel you can discuss anything. In my spare time I'm busy with producing music.

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