Since the corona measures came into effect, many people have been thinking of creative ways for online socializing. We all know it by now:; video calling, recording messages together via WhatsApp and having drinks with a group of friends via zoom meetings. Although it is nice to be able to speak to each other in this way, it can also make you feel a bit tired. Maybe you miss feeling connected and having spontaneity, two things that arise more easily during live contact with each other.

It is especially nice to do something with others when you stay connected. When you see each other in real life, this is a lot easier by doing a shared activity. During an online zoom meeting, this is a lot different. Do you sometimes miss some spontaneity and fun in your online contact with your loved ones? Get inspired by these online socializing tips!


There are all sorts of things you can do together online. You will find a list of great tips here.

The Online Pub Quiz

There are several providers of online pub quizzes online. At you can choose a theme (festival, 90s, summer), but you can also put together a pub quiz yourself. The great thing about a pub quiz is the fun you have with your friends. That feels a lot more like “normal” than a zoom meeting in which you have to raise your finger to ensure that you don’t all talk together. Another nice extra; you will learn something new about your friends! Who knows, maybe there is someone with a ton of music knowledge, which you did not know at all until now.

An online escape room

Escape rooms have been very popular recently, but now you can also do online escape rooms with a group of friends or with your colleagues! They come in all imaginable themes; such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter or The Flying Dutchman. You can also do vault crack escape rooms, or escape rooms that take place in a more horror type setting (Cabin in the Woods, Missing Bride). There are also variants in which you have to hack computer systems.

Playing games with a game console

If you and your friends have game consoles at home, you can play games together. Online you will find which games you can play cross platforms (if you all have a different game console). Did you know that gaming is now also possible in Virtual Reality? This definitely gives a nice added value and the price of VR glasses has become increasingly affordable in recent years.

Playing games online

There are all kinds of games that you can play online via your regular computer to play together with others. Think of Cards Against Humanity, Pictionary, Uno, Trivia or Flappy lives. Look it up on Google and you are sure to find an online variant!

Digital Connections assignments from the School of Life Amsterdam

These assignments are aimed for people to come closer together. Recently the School of Life Amsterdam posted 3 assignments from their Digital Connections on social media:

  1. Close both eyes. Take turns giving an imaginary tour of a place from your childhood that is still clearly in your memory. Try to “see” the other person as clearly as possible.
  2. Make an attempt at a costume party. Switch off your image; then put together a whole new look in three minutes by swapping out your clothes, hair, make-up or accessories. Turn your image back on to see who has had the greatest transformation.
  3. Turn off both your cameras and, with only the sound on, complete the following sentence: “What I find difficult to tell other people is …” “.

An online wine / beer tasting

Make sure everyone knows in advance what is going to be tasted, so that you can all make sure you got the right drinks at home. Cheers!

Cooking and eating food together

You can cook with a group of friends while you zoom. Everyone makes the same dish and takes the same steps at the same time. In between, you keep each other informed of how things are going or just have fun conversations like you normally would! Choose something special. I bet this will be a lot of fun! Certainly everything will go wrong, and you can use each other’s tips and tricks to save your dish!

Are you inspired by the above tips for online socializing? Of course, you can always keep on brainstorming  about online activities yourself. The options are endless …

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I'm Renée Lepoutre and I work as a psychologist. A personal approach, transparency and focus are important to me in my work. I specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy.

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