Online treatment for stress complaints: my experience
Online treatment for stress complaints: my experience

Jasper is 36 years old and lives in Etten-Leur. He works in the music and festival industry. Although he has a demanding job, he does not complain about his work because he likes a challenge. Jasper has been feeling an unknown tension in his body for a few months now. He decides to do something about it and ends up at NiceDay to talk to an online therapist. This is his story.

How did you end up at NiceDay?

According to my ex-girlfriend, I have difficulty empathising with people. I would like to hear from an outsider if this is true and, if so, what I can do about it. I also have felt a vague feeling in my stomach for three to four months. This feeling is saying that something is wrong. In addition I woke up a few times with a kind of panic attack. I am pretty sure this tension is not work related. Because friends and family, in my experience, are usually not objective, I would like to talk to an independent person. I searched on Google and I found NiceDay. It is so easy and accessible to start at NiceDay.

How did you feel after your first conversation?

Good! I immediately had a click with my coach and online therapist Sarah. She quickly realized how I am as a person. I was motivated to get started, but at the same time it was a bit scary. It was scary because I did not know exactly what was coming next, but at least I already took the first step!

How often do you have contact with your coach?

I have a session with my online therapist once a week. We have a video call session of 30 minutes. Sometimes I work in the evening or at night so I really like that we can call later in the afternoon. The flexibility is very pleasant.

How did you experience video calling?

I really like video calling. I don’t have to leave the house to travel to an office. In addition, I have never experienced video calling as impersonal. You have the comfort of your own home and your own cup of coffee. Nice right?

In the app you can register your thoughts and feelings. How did you experience that?

Very convenient! During the process I keep a diary in the app. I call that my blog, because a “diary” doesn’t sound so masculine. In these blogs I try to keep track of what happens on a day. If a certain situation occurs, I write it down, analyze it and try to find a solution straight away. This gives you an overview of what is going on in your head. If you write it down, then it is also out of your mind.

Furthermore, it is also useful because your coach can see how you are doing because of the registrations in the app. If you have a conversation with your coach on Tuesday, but something happens on Wednesday, you can register that in the app. This way your coach knows what is going on in the meantime.

I am still writing. Writing your feelings down really helps.

What did you learn from your coach?

Because of my online therapist I now know how to better tackle certain situations and how to ask people specific questions. Now I also know that not everyone responds in the same way as me. I think talking to my coach is the most important thing. Talking helps me a lot, because I mostly ask myself “is it me” or “is it not me?” In addition, I am still writing. Writing your feelings down really helps.

Would you recommend a NiceDay treatment to others?

Yes, I would certainly do that! NiceDay is very useful, especially if you are looking for talking to someone. Coach Sarah asks specific questions that make you think. Because your online therapist asks you specific questions, you will see things from another perspective. These perspectives can lead to new doors that will open and will help you in the short and long term. NiceDay is easily accessible so you have no excuse not to do it!

Jasper received online help through the NiceDay app. Would you like to know more about online help via NiceDay? Click here for more information.

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