Hi everyone! My name is Anouk and a little while ago I finished my treatment with NiceDay. I was very happy with how this all went and would like to tell you more about my experience with NiceDay. I hope that if you are going through something and have doubts about using the app, my experience can help you visualize what such a treatment might look like. And, that it helps you make the decision to look for help, or maybe not, because you don’t have to do anything!

Anxious thoughts and depressive feelings

Before I started my treatment through NiceDay, my anxious thoughts were getting in the way of life, especially my social life. In addition, I struggled with anxious thoughts and depressive feelings, and I wanted to learn how to deal with trthese. This eventually led me to NiceDay. I felt like my issues weren’t bad enough for a psychologist. But I still wanted to work on them and talk about it with a professional. So, NiceDay was the perfect option for me.

Sessions via the chat

The NiceDay team matched me with my practitioner soon after I signed up. You can choose whether you call or video call your practitioner, but my anxiety affected calling with other people. Their response was very understanding and we did my first 2 sessions via chat. This was very nice for me, but I also noticed that the sessions flew by and you couldn’t discuss a lot this way, since typing takes longer than talking.

Acknowledgement for my fear

After the second session I decided I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and to start doing my sessions via calls. I asked my practitioner and he thought it was a great idea. He also assured me that he would do everything to make me feel comfortable, which was very nice for me to hear. My fear wasn’t dismissed, but it was understood and acknowledged.

From then on, I called my therapist for every session. Sometimes this was very difficult but good at the same time. We were able to discuss more and my practitioner was very understanding when sometimes I didn’t get an answer right away.

The right tools

During my sessions we worked on my social anxiety, but also on my self-criticism, which turned out I do quite a lot. In addition, we also discussed things such as emotions and how to deal with them, the different coping styles, where fears come from and why you can have them.

I have learned a lot from the sessions and still try to deal with this. Because even though I have learned a lot, I am not quite where I would ultimately like to be. But I feel that I have now been given the tools to start working on my personal development. I believe that this will make me happy, something I wish for everybody and hope you will be too!

Social media

I am not quite where I want to be, and I am still working on developing and improving myself. On my social media accounts I share what I go through and what I have learned. If you would like to receive some tips and positivity every now and then, follow me on Instagram (@anouk_van_ham) and Youtube (Anouk van Ham). And, don’t forget to follow NiceDay op Instagram, because they share even more positivity and tips than I do! 🙂

I can share a lot more about my trajectory and my own process, but I think I have described the big picture now. I hope that you will experience the same success with NiceDay as I do, or that you choose a different path that works just as well! Thank you for reading, good luck with your own journey and who knows until next time.


Anouk <3

Anouk received online help through the NiceDay app. Would you like to know more about online help via NiceDay? Click here for more information.

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Insecurities and fears, we all know them. And so do I. Dealing with this can be difficult somtimes, but I'm trying my best to grow, to learn and to share my experiences.

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