Experience story: from feelings of sadness to more self-compassion
Experience story: from feelings of sadness to more self-compassion

Brandon sought help because he felt very gloomy. Thanks to the online coaching, he has started to love himself more. Curious about his experience? Read along!

How did you end up at NiceDay?

I came to NiceDay via Google. In an extremely gloomy mood I took the step to search the internet. I ended up at the website of NiceDay and noticed that the concept appealed to me a lot. I downloaded the app directly  and made a start with the process.

 Can you share more about your complaints?

I felt very sad for a long time. Primarily, this manifested in listlessness and fatigue. It also had an effect on my relationship, for example in the area of ​​sexual desires. For a long time I thought it would get better by itself. However, I could not figure out what exactly caused the complaints. During the process, my coach and I discovered that there I was having a depression. In addition, I was informed that my parents decided to divorce after a long marriage. This situation considerably enhanced my complaints.

 How did you feel after the first session?

Relieved, because I had really taken the first step. My coach asked a lot of questions in the first session. Therefore, she immediately had a complete picture of my complaints. However, I was still skeptical as to whether the process would actually help.

How did you experience the digital treatment?

Awesome! I believe that the digital treatment helps enormously with the treatment. You are in your own familiar environment, so you have the need to share everything faster. Another advantage is that you do not lose time to travel! It was also nice that the coach occasionally sent a message asking how things went in between sessions.

 How did you continue to use the NiceDay app, besides calling and chatting?

My coach asked me to register a diary with feelings in the app. This way, my coach and I gained insight into my complaints.

 What did you learn from your coach?

What I learned from coach Sarah is that it’s not surprising that I was experiencing depression complaints, given the circumstances. She also taught me that it is okay to feel pretty bad sometimes. She has also taught me that awareness of behavior and thoughts is an important first step. Once you are aware of this, it is easier to adjust. I started to love myself more. However, this is still my biggest challenge in life.

 Would you recommend NiceDay to others?

Absolutely. My coach told me that especially young men, like me, have difficulty seeking help. I hope this will change in the future. Many people experience something at some point in their life. This is nothing to be ashamed of. When someone in my area tells me about sadness or depressive symptoms, I would recommend NiceDay immediately.

Do you need help to feel good about yourself? Take the test and see if NiceDay is for you.

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