Don’t let bad weather affect your mood
Don’t let bad weather affect your mood

The Netherlands is a water country. I’m not kidding because it rains more than the sun shines, looking back at the past few weeks. Thick raindrops, thunderstorms, wind, drizzle, we have seen it all. I am this close to pack my bags and hop on a plane to go to a warm destination. Especially a warm destination where it does NOT rain every day! Don’t let the bad weather affect your mood though!

Bad weather and your mood

The weather has a lot of impact on our state of mind. When the sun shines we are happier, we go outside and we undertake more activities. But when it rains, we prefer to sit on the couch with a warm blanket and a cup of tea. No way we are going outside in this terrible weather. When the weather is bad, you have two choices: either sitting behind the window with a blanket around you or you go outside and not let the weather bother you.

Change your mindset

I recently noticed that my mindset has changed. At first I was able to get so moody about the weather. When it rained I felt miserable because I had the feeling I couldn’t do anything when it rained outside. But on a random day I felt like running again. I already had my sports outfit on and was ready to go to the forest. Just when I wanted to walk out the door, the sky turned gray and it started raining. At first I thought “I am so not going outside in this weather”. But after that, I thought, whatever it doesn’t matter. I put on my raincoat and a cap. And so I started running. It was the best run ever! It was wonderful to feel the rain on your skin. I felt euphoric. In addition, there is more oxygen in the air when it rains so that makes running a bit nicer. What I want to say is that I chose not to lie down in my bed because the weather was not good. I chose to go against that feeling and do something that I felt comfortable with: running.

Go for it

It is officially going to be summer in a few days. We Dutch people already put on the BBQ even if there is only a tiny bit of sun shining. But I would say: yes do it! If it gives you a good feeling, just do it. Even if it rains and you have a tiny shelter, put on that BBQ if you want. Do not let the weather interfere with your mood or feelings. This has become my new motto and it helps to turn a bad day into a better day. If you have a depression, it is often difficult enough to go outside. But if it rains, it’s even harder. And so it’s easier to end up in that vicious circle.

Call a friend

What can help in these situations is to call someone you know and ask if he or she want to hang out with you. This can be something very simple as going to do the groceries together, meeting for a coffee or walking the dog. When you come home, you will find out that you are more energetic than before you left the house. If you do this more often, you will start to feel the moments of happiness in your body. This way you are ending that vicious circle. And that is the place to be!

So in the context of “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”, my advice to you is: go outside even when it rains!



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