Create small moments of happiness in the morning
Create small moments of happiness in the morning

How do you start your day? Do you reach for your phone first thing in the morning to turn off the alarm clock? And then read all the incoming messages and check your social media? Has it become a morning ritual? We challenge you to adjust your routine tomorrow morning by using your phone as little as possible! This allows you to become more aware of the small moments of happiness in the morning. For once you will experience a zen and calm morning. Say goodbye to all the stressful incentives you are receiving through your phone!

Listen to the morning sounds

Depending on how early your alarm clock goes off, you may hear the birds whistling outside. After you get out of bed you will probably make breakfast and some coffee or tea. Listen to the sounds your coffee machine or the kettle is making. Perhaps you want to turn on some morning music and eat your breakfast. Try to enjoy your breakfast and your cup of coffee or tea without picking up your phone. In the meantime, you may hear other sounds outside as soon as your neighbours are awakening.

Look around you on your way to work

When you go to work try to look around you. Greet your neighbours and listen to the sounds around you. Maybe you see or hear the children who go to school in the neighbourhood. If you cycle to work, try not to turn on music this time. Look at the nature or the buildings that you see on your way. Who knows, you might discover beautiful views that you were not aware of before because you were busy with your phone.

If you go to work by car or public transport, you can of course also take a good look around you. Say hi to the bus driver or the person sitting in front of you. Or smile to the person next to you! Observe the people you meet along the way. Have you ever seen them before? You will probably notice how many others are busy with their phones.

Find out how you are doing

If you are less busy with your phone, you will receive fewer incentives. This gives you the time and space to check how you are feeling today. Did you have a good night’s sleep? How do you look? Are there any thoughts that require your attention at the moment? Or do you want to let go of worrying thoughts? Are you currently relaxed or feeling tense?

Arrived at work

How was your trip to your workplace? Have you seen or heard beautiful or striking things? Did you experience your commute in a different way? Try to greet your colleagues consciously at work. Maybe you can start a conversation with a colleague about how your evening was. Or you can ask how your colleague’s evening was.

What was it like for you to start your day this way? Would you like to do this more often? Hopefully your morning started relaxed and were you able to enjoy the small moments of happiness.

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