Your path of life has many ups and downs. Periods with peaks are pleasant. A period of feeling down may be a difficult period for you. Yet the path of life offers us the opportunity to learn and develop our own wisdom.

As a child you learn from others who you are and who you should be. You will be rewarded by others, such as your parents, for doing something that is appreciated. You will get good grades at school if you do exactly what you are asked for.

You gradually develop your values: the ideals and beliefs that you see as valuable. These values ​​give direction, purpose, meaning and passion to life.

As you get older you get the chance to reinvent yourself. This happens especially during periods of setbacks and in situations that really matter, such as the loss of a loved one or in times when physical or mental problems arise. Usually you ask yourself: why do I do what I do?

Do I really pursue my own goals or do I try to do what others expect of me? What do I want to invest more time to and what things I want to say goodbye to? What do I appreciate in the other person and in myself? Finding an answer to these questions requires your own wisdom.

Develop your own wisdom: take a pause 

You develop your own wisdom by regularly reflecting on what you do, think and feel. Take a pen and notebook regularly and write down: what gives you energy and what costs energy? What do you want to say “yes” to more often? And to which thing do you what to say “no”, so that you make room for what is really important to you?

Exercise: choose your values

You can also become wiser by re-examining your values. This can be done with a value selector. It helps to make more conscious choices. The Value Selector can help you with this.

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Ard Van Oosten

I am a psychiatrist trained in business management and researcher. My heart goes out to talent development. I connect knowledge of the brain with leadership and offer tools for personal growth and development.

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