Anne’s experience with online help via NiceDay
Anne’s experience with online help via NiceDay

Anne works as a psychologist. She noticed she started to feel gloomy and insecure, and started a treatment within NiceDay. Here you can read all about her experience with online help.


“I heard about NiceDay by a tip from my supervisor. He told me that it might be an interesting app to use with my clients. I got curious and downloaded the app to have a look. I decided I was going to use the app for myself and started filling in the diary and thought records. However, I noticed that using these records alone wasn’t going to help me enough.”

“It was the beginning of the Corona crisis and I, myself, had also started online sessions and video calls with my clients. The concept of online treatment was already becoming usual practice. Why wouldn’t I try online coaching? I registered and was linked to psychologist Sarah.”

Good connection

“With Sarah I felt a good connection. During our first session, I noticed that there was a good balance between her preparation of the questionnaire I had filled in, and the subjects she brought up. The questions she raised were in line with my own experience and knowledge. Sometimes, for example, she looked up information or articles about things I didn’t know, and then sent them to me to read.”

“Also, Sarah was able to add a critical note: “Maybe you have learned it this way, but is it actually true and does it really work like that?”. I appreciated that.”

Helpful usabilities of the app

“The thought records were very useful to me. Because the questions are asked step by step, you are guided through them. Of course you can think of those questions yourself, but seeing them step by step on a screen makes that it doesn’t have to come from your own strength. This helps you see things from a different perspective.”

“What I also like was that you always have the app with you. You may not be able to use it at work, but you can use it when you’re on your way back home. You always have it at hand.”

“The app made me feel like there was always someone looking over my shoulder. I agreed with Sarah that if I wanted her to read along with my thoughts, I would put her name on my journal entry. But even when I did not, I still felt that I was directing my thought to someone else. By using the app, I got the feeling that someone was looking over my shoulder, and was there to support and stimulate my self-development.”

Would you recommend the NiceDay app?

“I haven’t used the app for very long time, but have already recommended it to others. So yes, if I think someone could benefit from it, I would recommend it. I had a positive experience with the online help; Sarah really helped me to look at things from a different perspective. Because of Corona most of us are working online, so it is definitely good to ask for online help.”

Anne received anonymous coaching via NiceDay. This process consists of 5 to 6 30-minute conversations with a psychologist, which can be done via (video) calling and / or chatting. You do not need a referral letter for this process, it is meant to introduce you to mental health care, to offer you tools to cope with your problems and possibly help you to get the care that you need. More information can be found here.

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