Angelique had a burnout and was already receiving help from her practitioner for a couple of months. She received medication for her complaints and had contact moments with her practitioner every week about her progress. However, after having to switch medication for the third time because of the medication not working or heavy side effects, her practitioner decided she needed more help. He referred her to PsyQ and that is when her treatment via NiceDay started. This is Angelique’s experience story with an online treatment via NiceDay.

What did you first think when you heard of the online treatment?

When I was referred for treatment I didn’t know it would be an online treatment yet, I only found out later. However, because my treatment started in April of 2020, in the midst of the first wave of corona, I was not as shocked. At that moment, almost everything was online.

Still, I had to get used to the idea of receiving an online treatment. I was expecting to have to go somewhere and now all of a sudden I had to install an app.I was hoping that they would succeed in treating my burnout through a screen. At my practitioner’s office I had regularly been crying, but was I now supposed to cry online? That still felt a bit strange to me.

How did you end up experiencing this?

This wasn’t that bad eventually! When you have to cry during your sessions, you are in your own safe environment. An environment that feels very familiar, because you’re always there and do not have to travel to an unknown location. When you feel bad, or don’t feel like leaving the house, you don’t actually have to go anywhere!

The relationship with my therapist was also very good. Even though our sessions were online, I did feel a strong connection. She had endless patience and gave me great tips, which I could use again later.

What did you think of the online treatment via NiceDay?

The thing I really liked is that I could write down my thoughts and feelings in between sessions. While I was writing it down, it maybe didn’t have an immediate effect. However, afterwards I often noticed that it felt good to write down my feelings; it allowed me to move on from them. You really feel listened to, because your professional can read and track everything you write down in the app. This gave me a sense of calm and peace of mind.

Did you contact your professional in between sessions?

I did write things down every once in a while, but I mostly used the “Feelings” tracker. This allowed my professional to constantly track how I was feeling, instead of us just talking about it every week. My professional Chevriyen sometimes responded to my registrations via the chat. She would notice that I wasn’t doing all too well, and took the time to ask me what was going on. This was incredibly helpful, because it makes you realise that there is always someone looking out for you. You can write down your sorrow and feelings at any moment, knowing that your professional will eventually read them. That is very comforting.

How are you doing right now?

I haven’t completely gotten back on track when it comes to work, but I do have myself back on track. Chevriyen has given me many tips and tricks and we have also discussed a relapse plan. I notice that I am okay now, and would definitely recommend an online treatment via NiceDay!


Are you also looking for help and would you like to know more about an online treatment via NiceDay? You can find more information about the treatment and  how you can start via this link.

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