We’ve been in quarantine for a couple of months now. Day by day, we’re allowed to slowly return to some form of our normal lives: from this week on the terraces are open and we can go out to dinner. The beautiful weather of the last couple of weeks has allowed us to meet up with our friends, whilst keeping social distance, whom we haven’t seen in such a long time. When you do see them, you still have to keep a 1,5 meter distance. That means no hugs, no arm around your shoulder or a kiss on the cheek when you’re saying goodbye.

Friends are important, something we realise even more now we don’t see them as often as we usually did. But do you ever let your friends know how much you appreciate them, or how much you love them? Especially in times when the physical distance is bigger, wouldn’t it be great if we’d let each other know how we feel more often?

Where would you be without your friends?

Think about how often you tell your friends you love them, or how much you appreciate them as a friend. When you’ve had a friendship for such a long time, appreciating each other seems as if it comes naturally. That’s why we easily forget to take the time to show some appreciation towards each other. Take a moment to tell your friend how much you love and appreciate them, because you’ll be surprised how much it could mean to someone. 

Being supported by your friends works as a blanket of protection for a lot of psychological problems. Think about stress and depression, but also alcoholism or medical conditions. Besides that, friendship can contribute to the recovery of diseases and even has a positive influence on pregnant women and their newborn babies. Friendship also has a positive effect on personal welfare and the experience of positive emotions. Even school results don’t stay out of the equation. Research shows that having social support from your friends, family and teachers has a positive influence on education. In short, friends keep you healthy: mentally and physically. Have you ever taken the time to thank them for that? 

Friends are more than just friends. They undoubtedly have a huge impact on your life, and that’s why you love them! Your friends have deserved a little bit of extra love, so it is time you let them know how much you appreciate them!

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Wouter Schippers

Hey, I am Wouter. I'm a NiceDay coach and psychologist. I like to play football and to make electronic music.

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