“I started a Netflix serie but I couldn’t stop. I binge watched all night!” might be a well-known phrase for you. But did you know that binge watching (watching multiple episodes of a show in a row) can have damaging consequences for your mental health? In this blog I explain it to you!

What happens when you binge watch?

Research shows that 80% of people between 18 and 25 years old binge watch regularly. The subjects had a viewing time of approximately 3 hours and 8 minutes in which they didn’t stop watching. I also noticed that clients regularly tell me: “There are so many things I want to do but I end up watching Netflix all day.”

Netflix is seen as an relaxing activity and that is actually legit. This also applies to other activities that cause “passive relaxation”, like binging on your social media. These activities cause a certain amount of relaxation, but they can also cause feelings of depression. Binge watching can cause loneliness, anxiety and stress.

You are Netflixing more than you intended: 6 tips

Watching a little less Netflix is ​​a good idea. This is what you could do:

  1. Read: reading is an “active relaxation activity”. Research shows that when you spend your time actively, you will feel more happy. Try to find a book that inspires you. Where one loves spiritual books, the other one likes to read about carpentry. Find a book that sparks your interest.
  2. Listen to podcasts: if reading is not your most favorite thing to do in the world, podcasts are thé solution to delve into new subjects. Tip: try to put on a podcast while cleaning your house. Useful and fun! Check out the blogs of coach Rita about interesting podcasts: Want to have a laugh? Check out these podcasts or Podcasts die de moeite waard zijn.
  3. Taking care of plants/cuttings: plants give positive energy. Some plants are even purifying the air and enhance the oxygen level in your house. Do you have plants but do you want more? The cheapest and most fun way to get more plants is to propagating them. 
  4. Painting: for a few euros you can buy paint and a canvas. Try to find an image you like and try to paint from this image. What is the result? Beautiful: find a nice spot in your house. Ugly? Send a picture to your friends and/or family and laugh together about it!
  5. Cooking: cooking is also a form of active relaxation. Cooking can be very mindful, if you cook with conscious attention. Do you need inspiration for a recipe? Check out this recipe for pumpkin soup
  6. Call someone you like: in general people like to interact. Do you know someone that energizes you? Someone that makes you feel happy and someone you like to be in contact with? Pick up the phone and make the call!

Is it working for you? Are you Netflixing less and experiencing active relaxation a bit more? What goes well and what goes wrong? Try to register in your diary in de NiceDay App

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Sarah Goslinga

My name is Sarah Goslinga, psychologist and coach at NiceDay. It's important to me that you have a real connection with your coach and that you feel you can discuss anything. There are many different things I like to do, such as making music, roller skating or dancing!

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