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The worst case scenario, a scenario that I think about and that worries me a lot. Some events in my daily life can suddenly give me all kinds of insecurities and negative thoughts. Sometimes I think this is something that everyone has from time to time and that is actually quite normal, but it still remains very difficult for me to deal with this. Do you often fear the worst case scenario?

Talking about it

I see myself as an anxious person, especially socially. For me, the worst scenarios are often about the social situations that I dread. Or, they may be about the social situations that have already happened, but from which I think I should have tackled differently.

One of the coping styles that I have been taught through NiceDay is talking to a person I trust about these negative thoughts and feelings. This won’t completely solve the problem, but it can help to somewhat relieve the anxiety. Talking can provide a different perspective on the situation. This is something that I really need; sharing my thoughts and feelings with someone and talking about my problems. But at the same time I find it terrifying.

Negative thoughts

When I constantly have negative thoughts and feelings they can continue to get worse. They can convince me not to share anything with others around me and to bottle up all my feelings. Obviously this is very counterproductive and can even lead to self-destructive thoughts.

I don’t have any friends to share this with. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone or want to act like a bitch. They will think that I am overreacting and that it makes no sense that I feel that way. Soon I will drive people away from me if I talk too much about my negative thoughts and feelings. What if they think it’s stupid? What if they think I’m stupid? Soon they will find me annoying. ”. These are some of the thoughts that can constantly run through my mind at such times.

Fear of rejection

You may have already noticed, but at times like these I’m really just scared. Afraid that I will not be taken seriously. Afraid that I am a burden to other people. However, I think my main fear is rejection. A problem well known to me, and that I am trying my best to work on. I try to trust that the people around me won’t just get up and leave me and that they hang out with me because they genuinely like me. Not because of how I look, what I say or what I do, but because of who I am. It’s very difficult, but I try to take baby steps, for example by sending a message to a friend or family member that I am not feeling well. That goes against my feelings, but taking these steps is necessary to beat my fears and live a happier and more comfortable life.

A helping hand

If I am realistic, I never mind if someone comes to me with their problems. I like it, because it shows that this person trusts me and that we have a good relationship with each other. I enjoy helping people, so why do I find it so difficult to give others the opportunity to help me? Well, that’s a question I don’t have an answer to. But that is okay! Most importantly, I am aware of the things that are happening in my head and slowly try to break through this “negative” pattern. And I believe you can do this too, at your own pace!

Daily dose of positivity

I hope I was able to give you a little insight into what my patterns are and how I am slowly trying to turn this into something positive. And that if you are bothered by the same thoughts as me, this blog will benefit you and hopefully you won’t feel as alone anymore! Are you looking for some extra positivity and mental health tips? Follow NiceDay on Instagram. I also share my experiences on my own Instagram and try to spread positivity. Curious? Take a look at my profile!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!



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Insecurities and fears, we all know them. And so do I. Dealing with this can be difficult somtimes, but I'm trying my best to grow, to learn and to share my experiences.

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