Humans are social animals: we are dependent of others and like to do things together. How we behave and what

Many of you probably have set new goals and intentions for 2020. To be honest, I am not a fan

It is January 2020. I only realized last week that we have entered a new decade. Normally I never make

Everyone has a unique set of core values: those things that you find important in life. By reflecting on your

Change. It’s something that everyone doesn’t like. You have to get rid of old habits and you have to quit

It is good to set goals, for example in your relationship, your therapy or in your life. You have something

Imagine this: you are going away for the weekend with your family. You have planned this months ago and you

While I look outside and watch the sun go down, I think about this week. It was a difficult week …

We all want to be special, because being ‘normal’ is boring. Yet there is profit to be gained in just …