Mental complaints due to corona: How can you help?
Mental complaints due to corona: How can you help?

Corona makes a big impact. A survey by the Trimbos Institute shows that we are feeling more depressed and we have more problems with sleeping. You may also know someone who experiences mental complaints. You would like to help this person, but how can you best help someone with mental complaints?

How can you help?

If you want to help someone with mental complaints, it is important that you talk with the person about what he of she needs from you. In this way you can be there for the person in a way that suits you both. 

Tips and advices

What to do and what not to do? We’ve gathered some tips:

  • It is important to support someone without judgement or prejudice. Support with patience and warmth.
  • Patiently try to encourage and motivate someone.
  • If the other person is in therapy, it is important to realize that the other person is in charge. Do not put too much pressure on someone and don’t take over, this is counterproductive. Also, do not be too compliant. The other can draw courage from your perseverance.  
  • How you help exactly, depends on the wishes of the other person. Try to picture clearly what the other needs from you and expects.
  • It is important that you are trustworthy. If you can not hold to your promises, do not make them.

What can you do?

  • Listen and show understanding
  • Encourage or help with exercises that the other person finds difficult
  • Give a compliment when someone holds to their agreements
  • Encourage or hug someone when he or she has a bad day
  • Put your faith in someone and express your trust, also when it is hard
  • Help the other look at the small step he or she already took
  • Help the other look at the ultimate goal

What is better not to do?

  • Criticize someone. This can make someone very insecure.
  • Put pressure on someone when someone is not ready for something yet
  • Tell the other person what he or she does wrong
  • Give a lecture to the other person about what not to do
  • Let the other person down and not holding to promises

With these tips and tricks you can support the person close to you. Remember it is always important to have a conversation and find out what he of she really needs from you.

NiceDay actions

Plan a reminder in NiceDay App to have a conversation with the person you want to help to make agreements on how you can do this best.

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