Lunch tips for the homeworkers
Lunch tips for the homeworkers

The lunch break is an important moment for your relaxation, exercise and social contacts. Not only at the office, but also at home. What is a good lunch break when you are working from home? And why is a lunch break so important? 

Relaxation, movement and social contact

Structure is important, especially when you are working from home. Not only the structure in your tasks, but also structure for planning your breaks. A lunch break with relaxation, some exercise and a social chat will contribute positively to your productivity and vitality. 

Set reminders

Set an alarm or set a notification on your laptop or digital calendar to remind you of the lunch break. In this way you don’t work too long. After the break you are energized to go back to work.

Switch environment

Have lunch in a different room than your workplace. By changing your environment, you really switch from worksetting to relax setting. A good excuse to have lunch in the garden when the sun is shining.

Lunch together

Are your children or is your partner also at home around the lunch break? Or do you have a roommate that is also working from home? Have lunch together at fixed times. No other home workers in the house? A digital lunch meeting is the solution for social contact. There are various tools (for example Microsoft Teams) with which you can easily connect with colleagues or friends.

Agree a time and encourage each other to really take a break. 

Do lunch roulette

Yes really! Are you with more homeworkers at home? Rotate who takes care of the lunch. Everyone takes turns preparing lunch. Also alternate with dishes, such as soup, pancakes, sandwiches or salads. That makes lunch a surprise.

This is also possible for your online lunch appointments? Every day someone else is responsible for a recipe. This way everyone makes the same dish themselves.

Exercise completes your lunch break

Give your work day a boost with some exercise. Did you know that exercising lowers stress, improves your mood and increases your productivity? So go for a walk during your break, take an online yoga class or put on music for a dance session. You can also call someone during a walk: social contact and you are on the move.

Stay productive and eat a healthy lunch

If you work from home, you have your entire kitchen close to you. That makes it tempting to make double grilled cheese sandwiches or other greasy snacks. It is not good for your body or your productivity. Take this crisis to develop healthy habits. Now is the time, because you have everything at hand! Try out new recipes, make salads or a well-filled soup.

More help? 

Do you want help to develop more structure in your day or to develop healthy habits? Read on the blog for more inspiration.

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