Do you and your partner have less sex during the pandemic?
Do you and your partner have less sex during the pandemic?
NiceDay blog: Do you and your partner have less sex during the pandemic?

We all spend more time at home during the pandemic. For those who live together with their partner, this means that they probably spend more time together than they did before. You would think that spending a lot of time at home together means that you have more time to have sex. What else is there to do, right? Well, in reality this usually isn’t the case and a lot of people have less sex during the pandemic.

Out of balance

Chances are that the pandemic has created major changes in your relationship. You probably see each other more often and have less time to yourself. You work together, cook together, eat together, hang out on the couch together and sleep in the same bed. There’s no longer a healthy balance between being together and having time to yourself. This disbalance often makes couples have less sex, and also decreases their quality of sex.

Feeling less attractive

Besides the disbalance in time, a lot of people feel a little bit less attractive. You hardly walk around in a nice suit anymore, and rather spend your time in comfortable clothing. It’s quite the achievement if you’ve even done your hair and put on a pair of jeans! Next to that, a lot of people have gained a little bit of extra (corona) weight. Nothing wrong with that! It’s not strange that you add on a few pounds during these stressful times, but for some people it could do something with their confidence. How you feel about yourself can influence your sex life. If you feel less attractive, you can be less open to sexual stimulation.


Stress influences your hormone levels. A result of experiencing a lot of stress can be a lower libido. For a lot of people, sex is last on their priority list right now. They might fear losing their job, or are worried about new corona measures.


We’re all in a situation that has a major impact on our lives, more than we probably realise. So don’t be surprised if you and your partner don’t have as much sex right now, or if you notice that your libido isn’t as high. Just because you have less sex right now, doesn’t mean it will always be like that!

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