Learn to accept prosthesis better through online coaching
Learn to accept prosthesis better through online coaching

Maurice (69 years old) had a life-threatening bacterium in his jaw. Therefore, a part of his jaw had to be removed. Now he is wearing a prosthesis in this jaw. That is quite something. The loss of his jaw felt like a grieving process. With the help of a coach he learned to accept the prosthesis more. We interviewed him about his experience with online coaching.

A prosthesis in the jaw is intense. Can you explain why you have this prosthesis and how did you end up at NiceDay?

“I had a bacterium in my upper jaw and antibiotics did not help. My upper jaw had to be removed. Otherwise the bacteria could spread further over my body. Now I have a prosthesis in my jaw since July. The prosthesis pressed on my palate which caused a lot of irritation. I couldn’t get used to it, but the prosthesis had to stay in. That is why I sought help from a psychologist to learn how to cope better with my frustration. ”

How did you experience online coaching?

“Of course I discussed my problem with my wife, but talking to a coach or therapist is something different. I had pleasant conversations with my psychologist, five in total. All with video calling, it worked well for me. “

“I received tips to accept my prosthesis and the pressure I experience from it. I can get over it better now. I also learned not to force myself to work on it anymore. Through the conversations I can let go and accept more. Losing your teeth and jaw is actually a grieving process, and I was helped with that. ”

What did you find challenging during coaching?

“I also received an assignment during the treatment. I went away for a weekend with two friends. At home I can take out the prosthesis whenever I want, but that is not possible during this weekend. I wanted to learn how to deal with that. I had to leave my comfort zone. During the weekend I learned more to accept that the irritating pressure is present. But luckily I’m not busy with it all the time.”

 Would you recommend NiceDay to others?

“Hell yes! Everything I wanted was has come true. If anyone asks for help, then I recommend NiceDay. Having an online conversation with my psychologist was very pleasant.”

Do you want help from a coach or psychologist? Download the NiceDay app and talk to a coach of your choice. 

We have changed the name for privacy reasons.

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