Kelly’s experience: the difference between online and offline treatment
Kelly’s experience: the difference between online and offline treatment
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Kelly experienced depressive complaints again. She has been treated for her depression before, with a regular treatment in therapists office. Now she started with an online treatment. We interviewed her about her experience.

Kelly, would you like to share why you started with online treatment?

“I noticed that I had depressive complaints again and so I needed help. PsyQ came with the option for online treatment via NiceDay. I could start with a online treatment much faster: otherwise I would have had to wait 3 to 6 months. With the online treatment I was able to start treatment within a month. I was already familiar with therapy and opening yourself up, but online treatment was new to me.”

What was the added value of online treatment? 

“I actually used everything in the app. This way I kept track of my feelings and the number of steps I took in a day. My therapist had a good overview of me and of the world in my head. But I also had a good overview of myself. Keeping the registrations gave me a lot of insights. And it is easy to keep everything together.

With the app I was able to keep track of my thoughts, emotions and experiences. That really helped! I wrote about the good moments, but also the less good moments. I saw that on some days I am actually doing quite well. Because of my depression I felt I was in a downward spiral, but the overview gave me insight that I also have good days and that there is no downward spiral.”

 What did you like about online treatment?

“I loved the online treatment via NiceDay. Especially since I could also send messages outside the appointments. That gave a lot of support. I didn’t have to wait for our appointment, but I was able to share something right away. My therapist responded to the message fairly quickly. The thoughts that my practitioner is easily accessible also helped me with my depression symptoms.

I have had therapy before. That was on location. To be honest I didn’t notice a difference. Only in the beginning, it takes some getting used to the video calling. But I was happy that online treatment save me time for travelling.”

Do you have any tips for people starting treatment online?

“I would say give it time. It takes some getting used to. Also because I always saw myself in the screen. But don’t immediately think, this is not for me. After a while you’re used to it.

Pay close attention to your internet Mb’s or try to sit where you have a stable internet connection. One disadvantage of online treatment was the internet connection, which did not always run smoothly. 

Sit in a quiet room where you can focus. For example, make sure that no children are running around. I also had the little one walk around, but then the session runs less smoothly.

Be honest while registering in the app. You do it for yourself! ”

Would you recommend online therapy to others?

“I definitely recommend it. It is a good solution to get in touch with a practitioner faster. The app gives insight in your own thoughts and feelings and video calling felt as good as a regular sessions.”

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