I'm better, now what?

Hospital in, hospital out. Aortic arch replacement, thyroid disease, a syndrome; A. has spent much of her life in hospital. When you are sick, you constantly live towards getting better, towards being healthy again. But when you finally get there, do you take the time to think about what happened to you? You should be glad that you are better, that you are healthy; isn’t that what it’s all about? Yet all those hospital visits, interventions and examinations have a major impact on your life. Understandably, you may still be struggling with what happened. When you are physically better, it does not always mean that you have been able to close it off mentally.


After going through all of her physical treatments in the hospital, A. also noticed that she was unable to cope with what she had experienced. Having to give yourself completely to doctors isn’t easy. More and more she started to suffer from her experiences; especially when she was alone at home at night, she kept thinking and brooding. She decided it was time to do something about this. A short search on Google quickly brought her to an online treatment via NiceDay.

Challenging your thoughts

A. started with an online treatment via NiceDay and regularly had video sessions with her therapist Britt. She also made extensive use of the registrations in the NiceDay app. Every day she wrote down what she had done. This not only helped her cope with her day, but also helped her practitioner gain insight into her life. In addition, she registered her feelings every day. This gave a clear overview of where she stood, where she came from and what her goal was to work towards: not just good physical health, but also good mental health.

Small step

For A. the step to online help was smaller than face-to-face therapy. The waiting lists are shorter and it feels accessible. Do you still have doubts about seeking help? Or would you like to know more about an online treatment via NiceDay? Click here for more information, or click here to read more experiences from former clients.

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