How to maintain online yoga at home
How to maintain online yoga at home

It all started with a brand new yoga outfit. You have done it for maybe two, three or even four times! The times that you did it, it felt good. It made you feel energetic and gave you a healthy blush on your cheeks. At the same time you felt more relaxed; for a short while, that rushed feeling was gone. Those were the exact reasons why you started doing this. You were motivated to keep on going, but slowly your routine started to slip, and your motivation disappeared. You went from doing it once a week, to not doing it at all anymore. Such a shame, because it made you feel good. You would love to get back into the saddle. But how do you maintain online yoga at home?

Online yoga at home

Do you recognize yourself in the above? Rest assured, you are not the only one. Research shows that from 83% of people who start doing yoga, only 17% keep on doing it. And that is a shame, because regularly practicing yoga brings many health benefits. Surprisingly enough it seems that there is one specific reason why people start slacking. This reason seems to be the same for everyone. As soon as you know what this reason is, you will never forget about it and will be able to fully enjoy the positive effects of yoga.

What is your motivation?

In the Netherlands, more than 1.6 million people practice yoga, and it’s growing rapidly given the new 1.5 m society. According to NOC*NSF, yoga is currently one of the fastest growing sports. But why are we all choosing for yoga? One of the most common reasons to start is because it reduces stress and makes your body more flexible. But, before you roll out your yoga mat it is essential that you think about your personal motivation. Your motivation is very important if you want to belong to the succes group of 17%. But knowing why you start your online yoga classes is not enough to make you succeed. The trick is in writing it down.

Write it down!

It’s very motivating to know what the reason is for you to start practicing yoga, and the strength is in writing down this reason. You don’t have to write entire books about it, a few lines can already be enough. Specifically writing down why you want to do online yoga at home and how you are going to approach this, ensures that the motivation remains. You can of course write it down in the notes on your phone. But whoever takes a pen and paper to do this, increases the chances of belonging to the group that actually lasts.

Continue to work on it

One of the biggest advantages of the (live) online yoga classes of 100%YOGA is the unique structure of the classes. Next to a variety of classes, ranging from 2 to 60 minutes, all classes are in HD quality, which ensures a sharp image. During classes you can zoom in, which allows you to clearly see how to do a certain yoga pose. Additionally, yoga instructor Esther uses a wireless microphone that’s nearly invisible, but ensures optimal sound quality. The online yoga classes are easy to follow, because of her clear explanations. You can even do it with your eyes closed! Several options are indicated per yoga pose, so that you keep control over the intensity of the class. And lastly, because of Esther’s enthusiasm for yoga it feels very personal and as if you’re in the studio with her.

Would you like to experience how yoga can give you energy? Take a look at these six free online yoga classes at online yoga school 100%YOGA!

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Esther writes blogs for NiceDay and shars practical and interesting yoga tips and tricks that will truly benefit you. Her goal is to help you use practical yoga for a healthier and happier life. In 2018 Esther was the first yoga teacher that introduced online yoga classes in Europe. You can follow her classes online from any place or on any time you like. Want to know more? Have a look at her live online yoga studio:

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