Some people call your student days the beginning of the rest of your life. The whole world is at your feet, you’re supposed to start being independent and suddenly you have tons of new responsibilities. This can all be quite challenging!


This independence gives you freedom. You can make your own decisions about what to eat, when to clean and what time to go to bed . It makes life seem like a party and a lot of people will love this type of freedom, but there is a downside to it All this freedom could be at the expense of your health. The continuous load of vegetables your parents made you eat, going to bed on time and keeping your room clean had a purpose, one you only discover when you’re on your own: having a routine. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just as important as enjoying life. Eating pizza every day sounds nice, but it’s not that healthy (besides, you’ll get bored of it!).

To find your own way, it’s essential to find the right balance. The fun part isn’t that difficult, but maintaining structure and taking responsibility can take some time to get used to. Here are some tips that can help you get started:

  • Hang up a weekly calendar and plan your daily meals. This makes it easier to stick to your planning.
  • Try eating healthy, but also give yourself some space to eat less healthy every once in a while. For example, having pizza every last Saturday of the month is totally fine!
  • Cook large meals for multiple days. Cooking for 2 is easier than cooking for one and you can easily use the products you buy for multiple meals. You will spend less time in the kitchen and prevent unnecessary waste if you prepare your meals for a few days ahead.
  • Write down all your appointments on your weekly calendar too. This way you won’t be surprised by your grandma visiting when you’re hungover on a Sunday.
  • Routine makes boring chores easier. If you do your laundry and groceries on the same day every week, you will notice that at some point you don’t even have to think about it anymore.
  • Set reminders on your phone for important events like buying a gift, a dentist appointment or filing your tax return. It’s impossible to remember everything in your head.
  • Responsibility requires self-discipline and self-discipline is something you need to learn throughout time. Make agreements with yourself when it comes to the time you spent on studying, the time you go to bed or the things you do during the weekend, for example. You don’t have to punish yourself each time you fail to stick to it, but you will discover you can achieve a lot with some simple pre-set agreements.
  • Ask for help. Nobody expects you to be able to do everything on your own right away, so don’t expect this from yourself either. For example, you can ask for easy recipes, financial advise or a helping hand figuring out your complicated microwave.
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Wouter Schippers

Hey, I am Wouter. I'm a NiceDay coach and psychologist. I like to play football and to make electronic music.

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