We proudly announce that Goalie will be replaced by our new app called NiceDay. This different identity comes with a brand new app, a fresh style and new and different functionalities!

What is NiceDay?

NiceDay is not just your average coachings app: You’ll get insights into your problems,  learn what you can do to cope better and get easy access to professionals that guide you when you are in need of some extra support. NiceDay is a science-based service, developed by experts in depression, anxiety and stress complaints, that will help you take small daily towards lasting solutions for your mental health.

What will change for me as a blog reader?

We will still share personal stories, supportive articles and vlogs with you. The same writers remain active and we will still post daily! We will also guide you in the use of the NiceDay app and help you to find support when needed. The biggest difference is the look of the website.

What is going to change for me as a Goalie user?

Are you currently using the Goalie app? Do not worry, you can still use the app for the time being! NiceDay and Goalie will continue to coexist for the coming months. When you are in treatment with a Goalie Coach or a therapist of, for example, PsyQ, your professional will guide you if a transfer to the NiceDay app is necessary .

Not connected with a Goalie Coach or therapist in Goalie? Then we recommend you to download NiceDay directly and take a look at our new app. We will guide you through the functions of our app and we introduce you to our professionals. It may take some time to get used to the new app, but we have great confidence that NiceDay meets your needs! Do you have questions or remarks about Niceday? Ask them via support@niceday.app or leave a comment on this article!

In need of help but afraid to ask for it?

You can start treatment via the NiceDay app at e.g. PsyQ, Parnassia or i-psy. Click here for more information.

Our ultimate goal is to help you improve your mental health and support personal growth: For a happier and healthier life.


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