Feeling connected to others: soulmates & and twinflames
Feeling connected to others: soulmates & and twinflames

Do you believe in the power of the universe? I do. I believe that the universe rewards you with good karma if you are good to other people. Also, if you not kind to other people, the universe “punishes” you with a bad karma. I have seen it several times in my surroundings and also in myself. Recently I experienced something different spiritually. I felt a very deep connection with someone. I was shocked myself, because I have never experienced this before and I did not know it existed. Confusion arose. That confusion is actually still there, because it is so new. To better understand the deep connection, I started researching.


It is often thought that a partner is equivalent to a soulmate, but this does not have to be. A soulmate can occur in both friendships and romantic relationships. The moment you meet your soulmate, it immediately feels familiar. It seems like you have known each other for years. In addition, it feels safe and you feel as if you can be yourself. 

Soulmates sometimes come into your life for a while. For example, they can teach you something or help you heal and then disappear from your life. It is also possible that they are always in your life. What it feels like to meet your soulmate is, in my opinion, different for everyone. Every person feels things in his or her own way. For one person it can feel very intense, and for the other it may feels normal. Yet, I think the universe somehow gives you a signal with the message that this person is your soulmate.

Twin flame

We are all born with a soul. With a twin flame, or twin soul, one soul is split in two. With a twin soul it is always about a man and a woman who are each other’s mirrors. Both twin souls come from that one soul, but are reincarnated in other bodies. They both follow their own path with the necessary obstacles and learning opportunities. It can happen that both souls find each other again and are reunited with each other. There are many traits that are the same with twin souls, but there are also the necessary differences. When twin souls meet, different things take place in your subconscious mind. This way strong emotions can arise or you feel a very strong bond between you and your twin soul. You can feel more energetic or very tired physically. In addition, you can go to sleep worse or dream a lot. Before you can really merge with your twin soul, you must go through different phases: recognition, testing, crisis, running away, surrender, enlightenment and harmony. After this both hearts will open for each other and unconditional love follows.

Soulmate + twin flame = Soul twin?

I recently had a conversation with someone with whom I felt a deep connection. The term “soul twin” came up. A term I had never heard before. After doing some research I didn’t get much wiser. Some websites say soult win is the same as twin flame. I find it vague. The only thing I’m sure of is what I feel when I’m with this person. It feels like we’ve known each other for a long time, it feels familiar. In some respects we are alike, we are working on the same process and sometimes it seems that we are each other’s mirror. But whether we are soulmate, twin flame or soul twin to each other? It is a new concept for me. Perhaps I will have more answers in a while.



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