More stressed or anxious lately because of COVID-19? You are certainly not alone. You don’t experience a pandemic every day. It is therefore completely normal that you feel more tense in this new and unknown situation.

Uncertainty is difficult

In general, humans have difficulty dealing with uncertainty. How we deal with uncertainty varies from person to person. It depends on your personality, your background and the environment in which your are. You may notice that some people don’t worry so much. Other people around may panic and hoard over in supermarkets. Because the situation is so new and unknown to everyone, you may find that you often don’t even know what to feel or how to respond. This fact alone can create a lot of anxiety and tension.

How do you take good care of yourself during the corona crisis?

The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that in the fight against coronavirus it is important that we continue to take good care of ourselves, including our mental well-being. But how do you do this, especially in this exciting situation?

6 tips to take good care of yourself

  1. Don’t isolate yourself but keep in touch with friends and family. Whether you feel anxious, insecure, confused, as well as sad or angry, it is important that you keep talking about it with others.
  2. Keep an eye on your lifestyle. Especially now that you are at home a lot and your daily structure is different. Keep an eye on your diet, sleep and exercise.
  3. Do not use substances, such as alcohol and drugs to deal with your emotions. If you feel so overwhelmed by everything that comes your way, you can consider talking to a professional, for example via NiceDay.
  4. Stick to the facts. Read information from reliable sources, such as the RIVM website. There is a lot of fake news and websites that only focus on everything that is unknown and uncertain about the virus. Try to avoid this information.
  5. Limit your (social) media use. We can follow unlimited (24/7) news about corona. Limit your consumption to once or twice a day. This way you are not continuously triggered with corona.
  6. Focus on your strength. Think about how you handled challenging situations and setbacks in the past. Look at what helped you and apply this tactic again.

Do you need help to take steps in taking care of yourself? NiceDay professionals are happy to help you.



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Ayla Hoogenboom

Being a psychologist and a coach, Ayla is fascinated by what drives and motivates people. Her coaching is empowering. She is an enterprising out-of-the-box thinker. She gets energy from her family, running and doing yoga.

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