A holidays state of mind: How to hold on to the holiday spirit
A holidays state of mind: How to hold on to the holiday spirit

September’s already here. For most people, this means the end of their holidays, going back to work or university, and the end of the holiday spirit. Some may already suffer from stress due to the pressure of work or at university. After a fresh start after the holidays, the fatigue gradually begins to rise again. Or maybe you find it hard to return to a good working rhythm because you’re still on a holiday in your mind.

Post-holiday syndrome

When going back to work, some people suffer from the so-called ‘post-holiday syndrome‘. This is not an official illness, but one in three employees between the ages of 25 and 40 say to have complaints related to this. These people do not want to go back to work again. Symptoms are fatigue, because of jetlag for example, a gloomy mood, lack of appetite, poor concentration, increased heart rate, and an overall feeling of emptiness.

A nice working rhythm…

The best remedy for this is to get back into a pleasant working rhythm as quickly as possible. What can help is to not start working immediately after your holiday. Make sure you don’t get back from your holiday on Sunday and start working again on Monday. If you make sure you have some free time in between, this ensures that you do not have abruptly witch from your holiday rhythm, with sleeping in and going to bed late, to your work rhythm. Also making sure you don’t have any meetings on your first day back at work can help a lot. This way you can start relaxed by reading through your emails for example. With an organized mailbox, you often feel a lot more motivated to start working again!

… with a little bit of the holiday spirit

As said before, it is advisable to get back into your working rhythm as soon as possible. Yet it does not hurt to take some of the relaxation from your holiday with you. Think about what you like to do during the holidays and check if you can also make some time for that in your free time. Do you read a lot of books on holiday, but can’t find the time to read when the holiday is over? Try to consciously make time for this, even if it is only for an hour. Maybe you like to be active on your holiday. In this case, for example, go for an afternoon of walking or cycling during the weekend. During the holidays you might especially enjoy eating out, or more extensive cooking. But also outside of the holiday season, you can continue to enjoy food!

Keep on doing nice things!

One of the most important elements of the holiday may be the fun activities. After work, we are quick to jump on the couch and turn on the TV, but actually, you get more energy and relaxation from engaging in fun activities. Meet up with your friends to cook a nice meal together, become a member of a sports club, start doing some volunteering work, or organize a game night!

Spend time outside

Another tip is to keep spending time outside. The nice thing about the holiday is that you are outside a lot. Sunlight improves your mood, so it’s a good idea to take a walk every day, for example during your lunch break. Maybe you could also cycle or walk a to work. Movement stimulates the production of endorphins. This makes you extra happy! If the weather is still nice, you can enjoy a drink in the sun after work or during the weekend, why not? You do not have to go far away to find the holiday spirit!


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