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Only a few more days and then it’s 2022! My Christmas holiday has begun and despite the fact that there’s not a lot to do due to the lockdown, I notice that I don’t get enough rest. It’s like I’m glued to my phone and Netflix, preferably both at the same time. We work from home and I spend most of my day behind my computer screen. I am constantly online, but I notice that it actually causes me a lot of stress. Sometimes I need some me time. But what can you do? Below you will find 5 accessible tips.

1. Meditation

You may have heard this one a thousand times, but it really works! When you meditate, you really give your head a break and yourself the time to catch your breath. Without incentives and the constant need to absorb information. I personally like to use the Headspace app for guided meditation and their sleep casts. To come back to Netflix for a moment; Headspace has a short series on Netflix “Guide to Meditation”. Here you can learn the basics and they explain the science behind meditation! In this blog you can find more information about types of meditation and what suits you.

2. Read a book

Sometimes I have trouble reading books, because my brain is used to much more intense stimuli from my telephone or television. Still, it is good to read a book now and then. With a good book you forget the world around you and you become completely absorbed in the story. You can also give an audiobook a try! Lie back in bed or take a walk in a quiet area.

3. Listen to a podcast

Speaking of talking a walk while listening to something; one of my favourite selfcare moments are those walking and listening to a podcast. When the gyms were still open, I used to listen to them while working out. But, now a brisk walk will have to do! I personally like listening to investigative podcasts, these are some of my favourites (please not that they’re all in Dutch except for The Other Latif):

4. Cook a nice meal

Some people might think “Cooking?! You were talking about relaxation, right?”. But, for me, cooking really is taking a moment for myself. Getting away from that telephone, the television and all the stimuli, but focussing on a recipe and making a fresh meal. I love it! Put on some music or a podcast and make yourself some nice food. You’ve earned it!

5. Take a walk

Pre-corona I never was much of a walker. Yes, of course I loved doing it while on vacation. Everything was new and exciting there, but here in the Netherlands? It wasn’t necessarily my favourite thing to do. However, I’ve kind of discovered enjoying walks since corona. Because of the few things you are allowed to do, this feels kind of like an outing. At those moments I notice that it is an outing that really gives you a break. In addition, it is also much better to chill on the couch for an afternoon, after you have gotten some fresh air by taking a good walk! You feel a lot more productive.

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