What do you think of the NiceDay app?
What do you think of the NiceDay app?
What do you think of the NiceDay app?

Your feedback is important to us only with your input can we ensure that the NiceDay-app fully supports you on your way to recovery. That is why every quarter, we ask a group of active NiceDay-app users to complete a questionnaire and provide feedback on the app. What functionality is missing, or what do you really like to use? What works well and what can or should be improved?


More than 30 active clients completed our questionnaire in the past quarter to provide insight into your experiences with the NiceDay-app. Again we have received a lot of great feedback! For example, our technical support is now easier to find. We have improved this based on feedback from the previous questionnaire. In addition, you would like to read blogs or psycho-education directly in the app. The good news, we are currently working on adding this to the app!

“NiceDay is an accessible way to explore and ultimately improve your mental health.” NiceDay app user

Are you curious about further feedback we have received? Check it out in the infographic below (Dutch only):


Let’s get started

Thank you for your valuable feedback and input on using the NiceDay-app. We will keep working on it and of course, keep you informed of any new functionalities. Via the app and this blog!

The NiceDay app

Do you feel that you are stuck and not feeling well? Don’t want to wait for help but want to get started right away? With NiceDay, help is always close at hand. No waiting list, no travel time, and personal support where and when you need it.

Read more information about an online treatment via NiceDay here, or download the app to use it independently and find out what it can do for you.

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