Many of you probably have set new goals and intentions for 2020. To be honest, I am not a fan

In addition to yoga, running is one of the most effective sports to physically maintain the body. Just as with

You may have already read in this article what the influence of your thoughts is on your hormones. Positive thoughts

Practicing sport can be though. Especially when you are not feeling quite well, it is sometimes hard to drag yourself …

If you’re looking for tips concerning better well-being, mentally and physically, movement is an important, but often underestimated aspect. People

The weather has been beautiful and we hope that the summer stays warm and sunny. Sports in the summer can

Young, old, male, female, everybody seems to do yoga nowadays. Yes, everybody! And it seems so easy when they do

Most of us know by now that regular exercise and practicing sports is part of a healthy lifestyle. However, participating

Having enough exercise reduces the risk on health complaints. It reduces the risk on mental complaints, like: depression and anxiety. …